Montag, 2. Mai 2016

#76 Perfect time to write again - one year after coming home again :)

Hey Guys,

I am back – haha – after pretty much one year. Oo

Well, I thought, today is a good... no great.. nooo the perfect time to write you a (longer) text again :)
I am really sorry I havent written for such a long time, but I was kind of really busy, but today I wrote an Email to my hostfamily and this made me think of blogging again. Well so here I am again.
Almost 18 years old and studying for the tests, called Klausuren, and going to some parties as well haha, a normal but pretty awesome life! I found some very great and special friends here, which I could not imagine living without them, haha , we have soo much fun!

But any way, I am going to write a text, which will be similar to the email I wrote today because of two reasons. The second one is pretty bad I know, haha.
The first one , that I think this email shows pretty good how grea my time in Australia was and I would like you to know it haha and the second one, because I am already running out of time and dinner is almost ready – home-made pizza – yum!
Today, well, exactly one year ago, I arrived at Munich airport after having spent 10 months abroad with you.

At the beginning i was a little bit scared, i mean i didn't know the „strangers“ i would live with – the „strangers“ turned out to be my second family ;) Pretty good turn over I think, haha :)
And now, 1st of May 2016 I am thinking back to my time in Australia in the years 2014 and 2015 a lot! All the experiences and memories I made with my hostfamily and friends – pretty incredible I think.
Especially after watching the 2 hour movie, I made after my stay, I got a bit homesick – I want to come back! I hope I CAN come back one day. Hopefully in “the near future” as my principal MR. Angel said in his speech on my last Assembly day. I hope he is right... Maybe it'll turn out like this.
If you red my blog from the beginning you might remember, when I arrived at the house on Sunday and the one thing I wanted to eat was vegetables and fruits? Pretty funny I think, but even funnier was the way I pronounced it – wegetables ;P
And also Wegemite, haha, I dont even know how my family got me trying it every day again. Okaaaay, not every day, but every week once at least.
TO get back to my pronounciation, it was pretty funny I think.
Or do you remember the time after Christmas, when I got the Selfie Stick from you Em, and we did all these weird photos – at Jinderbyne and everywhere else. And also the movies we started doing with her Ipad – fabulous! We had so many laughable times together, I could barely count them all.
And we also had some really scary time together as to the big storm maybe even cyclone at the very end of my stay. Em and I, we were sleeping in the lounge room to make sure we are together and don't scared. <3 You might remember the pictures I uploaded from the damaged school – pretty bad.
And there were also some new experiences for both of us, Em and me, like climbing the mast of the cruise boat at Sydney Harbour or visiting the Opera House as well as getting the chance to pat a real dolphin and lots and lots of other things.
Greg, Robyn and Em took me to Canberra, The Gold Coast, the Hunter Valley, Sydney and lots of other places on the way, which is incredible! I almost saw the whole eastcoast, haha, more than I've seen of Germany.

Aditionally, there were the friends..... Yes, I spend heaps of hours with them, laughing, joking, doing silly stuff or just talking. I won two especially great friens – tow girls I am able to call my best tow aussie friends and I hope this will stay like this for ever!
Ebony and Makayla!
I am sure you remember both of them, because almost every activity – shopping, movie, Sydney, what ever I did, these two were on board!
Miss youu girls!! They even called us the three musketeers, haha :) So high five girls!
I could write forever, but I think, i'll start writing about my time after Australia right now.
At the moment, I am regularly and hopefully will be for along time, in touch with my family in Australia and with Makayla and Ebony. We facetime, text or snapchat each other and sometimes it even works out to be online at the same time, haha, pretty rarely but sometimes. They tell me about their life, which seem to be really great – party and party and party- haha, and then we kind of make plans for them to come over <3 You know, that one day you HAVE to come :) You dont get to choose, you have, haha.

They are on year 12 now and studying to the big exam at the end of the year, it is called HSC and is comparable to our Abitur. Good luck guys – in advance I know ;P
And Em, she is in year 6 and loving school, haha, and being a great student!
Their life is going on as well as mine, but we still keep in touch, for what I am really grateful!
I got my driving license in November and I am speeding up the autobahn with 200KM/H, haha, no just kidding! I do drive, but I think my fastest was “only” 150 KM/H. :) Yes, be jealous Greg. :D

Sooo, that's enough for now,


PS: Please don't be too mad, if there are spelling mistakes – well I am 100% sure there are some, but I cant be bothered to correct them, because I want to post it know and the food is waiting :*

PS2: I hope I'll make it to continue to blog regularly.

PS3: Do you have any wishes or suggestions what I could write about? haha, you are probably thinking why does she ask, but i want to make a blog for you - to help other girls and guys who might become exchange students or peopleintersted in AUstralia or even germany ;) 
So please, leave a cooment <3