Dienstag, 6. April 2021

Are you still there? Well, I am and I have quite some news!

Hey guys, 

I am not too sure, if anyone still reads this blog.. as I have been inactive for quite some time, I know. However, I have decided to change this. If all goes well - I might be facing another adventure soon!

So, are you interested in reading about it? 

It will be about my preparations, fears, adventurous moments, experiences, friendships and much more. 

I have been thinking about changing my blog to one about overseas adventures, not about holidays, but about long-term stays of at least four months. 

So, what do you think? Will you start reading and following my adventure?

I have created a poll for you to vote!

I am happy about every answer, because without answers from you, I will make a decision alone and I prefer to involve you!

And I will keep you updated of course:)

Talk to you soon and with much love,


Montag, 2. Mai 2016

#76 Perfect time to write again - one year after coming home again :)

Hey Guys,

I am back – haha – after pretty much one year. Oo

Well, I thought, today is a good... no great.. nooo the perfect time to write you a (longer) text again :)
I am really sorry I havent written for such a long time, but I was kind of really busy, but today I wrote an Email to my hostfamily and this made me think of blogging again. Well so here I am again.
Almost 18 years old and studying for the tests, called Klausuren, and going to some parties as well haha, a normal but pretty awesome life! I found some very great and special friends here, which I could not imagine living without them, haha , we have soo much fun!

But any way, I am going to write a text, which will be similar to the email I wrote today because of two reasons. The second one is pretty bad I know, haha.
The first one , that I think this email shows pretty good how grea my time in Australia was and I would like you to know it haha and the second one, because I am already running out of time and dinner is almost ready – home-made pizza – yum!
Today, well, exactly one year ago, I arrived at Munich airport after having spent 10 months abroad with you.

At the beginning i was a little bit scared, i mean i didn't know the „strangers“ i would live with – the „strangers“ turned out to be my second family ;) Pretty good turn over I think, haha :)
And now, 1st of May 2016 I am thinking back to my time in Australia in the years 2014 and 2015 a lot! All the experiences and memories I made with my hostfamily and friends – pretty incredible I think.
Especially after watching the 2 hour movie, I made after my stay, I got a bit homesick – I want to come back! I hope I CAN come back one day. Hopefully in “the near future” as my principal MR. Angel said in his speech on my last Assembly day. I hope he is right... Maybe it'll turn out like this.
If you red my blog from the beginning you might remember, when I arrived at the house on Sunday and the one thing I wanted to eat was vegetables and fruits? Pretty funny I think, but even funnier was the way I pronounced it – wegetables ;P
And also Wegemite, haha, I dont even know how my family got me trying it every day again. Okaaaay, not every day, but every week once at least.
TO get back to my pronounciation, it was pretty funny I think.
Or do you remember the time after Christmas, when I got the Selfie Stick from you Em, and we did all these weird photos – at Jinderbyne and everywhere else. And also the movies we started doing with her Ipad – fabulous! We had so many laughable times together, I could barely count them all.
And we also had some really scary time together as to the big storm maybe even cyclone at the very end of my stay. Em and I, we were sleeping in the lounge room to make sure we are together and don't scared. <3 You might remember the pictures I uploaded from the damaged school – pretty bad.
And there were also some new experiences for both of us, Em and me, like climbing the mast of the cruise boat at Sydney Harbour or visiting the Opera House as well as getting the chance to pat a real dolphin and lots and lots of other things.
Greg, Robyn and Em took me to Canberra, The Gold Coast, the Hunter Valley, Sydney and lots of other places on the way, which is incredible! I almost saw the whole eastcoast, haha, more than I've seen of Germany.

Aditionally, there were the friends..... Yes, I spend heaps of hours with them, laughing, joking, doing silly stuff or just talking. I won two especially great friens – tow girls I am able to call my best tow aussie friends and I hope this will stay like this for ever!
Ebony and Makayla!
I am sure you remember both of them, because almost every activity – shopping, movie, Sydney, what ever I did, these two were on board!
Miss youu girls!! They even called us the three musketeers, haha :) So high five girls!
I could write forever, but I think, i'll start writing about my time after Australia right now.
At the moment, I am regularly and hopefully will be for along time, in touch with my family in Australia and with Makayla and Ebony. We facetime, text or snapchat each other and sometimes it even works out to be online at the same time, haha, pretty rarely but sometimes. They tell me about their life, which seem to be really great – party and party and party- haha, and then we kind of make plans for them to come over <3 You know, that one day you HAVE to come :) You dont get to choose, you have, haha.

They are on year 12 now and studying to the big exam at the end of the year, it is called HSC and is comparable to our Abitur. Good luck guys – in advance I know ;P
And Em, she is in year 6 and loving school, haha, and being a great student!
Their life is going on as well as mine, but we still keep in touch, for what I am really grateful!
I got my driving license in November and I am speeding up the autobahn with 200KM/H, haha, no just kidding! I do drive, but I think my fastest was “only” 150 KM/H. :) Yes, be jealous Greg. :D

Sooo, that's enough for now,


PS: Please don't be too mad, if there are spelling mistakes – well I am 100% sure there are some, but I cant be bothered to correct them, because I want to post it know and the food is waiting :*

PS2: I hope I'll make it to continue to blog regularly.

PS3: Do you have any wishes or suggestions what I could write about? haha, you are probably thinking why does she ask, but i want to make a blog for you - to help other girls and guys who might become exchange students or peopleintersted in AUstralia or even germany ;) 
So please, leave a cooment <3

Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

#75 One year ago, when it started to become true .. 21st Mai ... special date...

Family <3 

Hey guys :)

I am back and with a longer post today :P
Today is Thursday 21st of May..

And do you know what the special thing of today is?!

Come on, guess!

Exactly today, well, one year ago, I got the most important letter of my life so far! I think you can guess it now - it was THE LETTER every exchange student waits for! The letter about you hostfamiliy, my family for the next 10 months, my school for the next 10 months, the place, the town or city I will live in and whic will be my new home town.
Yes, and I got this letter on Wednesday 21st of May. I am sure most of you read my Blog post about the letter - I remember this moment as it was only yesterday! I was so excited when I saw it was a letter from Stepin and I thought " Could this be... No, stop it Sophi, it can't be.. Or maybe yes, it might be my host family?!?!" Well, in the end as you all know, it was my hostfamily and I cant describe how happy, exited and emotional I felt at this stage and the whole evening and next day and weeks until I finally arrived in Australia! I had a historty test the next day, which I didnt study much more (of course ;)) but i think I was just so happy that I could do everything and also get a good mark in history, haha :)
There is a special thing about the letter as well. For two weeks i kept running to the letterbox every day straight after school and every single day "nothing" again and again. And this day, on wednesday, I didnt look, I said to myself "Dont look, wait a little bit and maybe it will be there today.. I had a dream once that I didnt get something or got to do something because I was too unpacient, soIi decided not to look which was really hard, because I am very curious! But it was worth it!!
Okay enough about the old histroy ;) More about what happened here in the last couple of weeks.
I started school on Monday 11th May. It was very very weird to go to school in casual clothes, not in school uniform, to ride my bike and not to walk, to talk german to everybody, to be the new girl again, ... So many new adn weird things!!
I am in year 10 now (again) and all my friends in year 11.. But well.. But I dont care, becasue the whole exchange thing was SOOOOOO WORHT IT!!!!
And my  new class is awesome as well!! I have met so many great people and i think there will be many new friendships! They are all really really nice and accept me so good, I am so happy! School is different of course, but good and I get used to it every day a bit more!
I had english on Monday aswell in the arvo and my teacher wanted me to introduce my self to the class and tell a bit about my exchange.. I was nervous at first but then it felt to me like being in Australia again, because i could English for long again, and it was reallycool! After the lesson he said to me he had to smile about my accent and how I pronounced some words so different, haha :)
It was a great first day!

Tuesday we a had a day called "Wandertag", which is a day where every class goes on an excursion and every year has a different subject which the excursion has to suit. Ours was Biology and we went to Botanical Bardens in Munich, it was a beautiful day,a bout 28 degrees, and perfect for me to get to know my class mates :)
 Wednesday I had confirmation togehter with my brother and we had a big family dinner (we were about 30 people) with the whole family, really good!!

The family :)
Me and the little cousins and little borther :D

Me and my friend Alex :)
My godmother :)

ME and my mum<3
Me, Alex and our parents :)

In the restaurand and my grandpa is making a speech ;P
Thursday was fathersday, and we had free and went to mountains and on friday we had school again. It was another good day :)

German mountains *-*

the two little kids, haha ;)
After a great weekend where I met some friends and had some fun with my family as well, I started my second week at school, which would be my first real week :)
Sophi - power!!! Sophi and Sofi :)
After school, me and my friend Jojo went to the movies to watch Pitch Perfect 2 - it was soooooo good!! We both loved the movie!
On Tuesday I went to school as usual and I know feel like part of the class already and i also get all the infos about exams now.. I also had my first theory lessons for my driving test today, which I do at a driving school with two really good friends - Nico and Sofi :)
Yesterday, I had my first exam here in Germany and it was in English, hahah, but quite hard though.. After school a really good friend of mine, Lydi, came to mine after school and we made Crepes, like pancakes, for lunch and had a great time!!!

Crepes, yum! It was so much fun and really good! We had some brokkoli and corn adn peas and then also nutella and fruits :)

Great friends!! <3

At 6.15 I got picked up to go to rehersals of our local musik band, my new friend Jojo told me about it and it is great!!! We have our big concert soon, 21st June, haha very soon! I think it is going to be very good here now :) I have never played in a band outside of school before in Germany, but since I went to Band in Australia and saw how fun it is, I had to try it at least :)

So yeah, I am coming to an end now, well for this post anyway :) We have one more day of school tomorrow and then two weeks of holidays, where I'll do heaps with friends and then in the second week we'll go to italy for 7 days *-*
Talk to you soon,

Sophi xx

Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015

#74 Two weeks back home

Hey guys,

this is a really short post, but I just wanted to let you all know that I am very good at home and I am going to school since monday. My new class is really great and I think I'll have a fab time!

When i cam eback on friday, my mum, dad adn my two brothers were waiting at teh airport for me adn it was great to see them again! I saw my dad when i was still waiting for my suitcase and as soon as Juli and I got all out stuff we started running!! We were thelast ones, hahah, but it was still great!
My mum and Alex waiting for me!
My mum had a sign she made for me and it was sooo nice to see them - you cant describe it! It is a special moment!
The family reunited again<3

Our first brekkie together on Saturday! We skyped my aussie family later!
On Sunday we went to a communion :)

I am going to keep this Blog active for my Aussie friends specially, so about one post every month :)


Samstag, 2. Mai 2015

# 73 I have to wake up from this incredibly wonderful dream - My last days in Australia

Goodbyes are not forever,
Goodbyes are not the end,
they only mean I'll miss you until we meet again”!

Hey guys,

this is my last post from and about my time Australia, well I started writing it in Australia, which has been amazing!

The past 10 months have been incredible and so much more than I could have ever asked for! I ave seen and learned so much in this time – it has been great!
I am always going to be a little bit of an Aussie forever now and part of my heart will stay in Down forever with my family no 2 – my mum no2, my dad no2 and my sister no1 !

Thank you so much for this incredible, exiting and wonderful last year full with many nice moments!<3
At home with my family, at school with friends, everywhere!
I love you so much and I miss you much!
I hope it wont be too long until I see you again but I promise i'll come back and we will be reunited!
And you never know you might come to Germany even earlier? :)

But before we start crying already first read what happened this week, so many great moments and more memories for ever! FOREVER!!! I will never forget you Australia!

Fr, April 24th
Em and I slept together again this night, but in my bed this time, and we knew since yesterday evening that EM was going to school again but school was still closed.. Well thats what we tought.. I slept a bit longer but at around 7.20am Greg came into my room and said “School is open for seniors only. Do you want to go?” A the same time I got a call from Ebony asking if I am going to school, so I sadi yes of course!

It was great! We were solid 16 people – six year 12 students and 10 year 11s hahah, so cool! I had another student in every of my classes, which was pretty funny! We baked some scones in Food tec, talked about the cyclone in English, did a bit of chemistry and had a look at the turtle and jabbies.

I did a squat work out with my teacher in SLR and in Business we had a great time talking haha, a great day!!! I loved it!
HAhaa, ebby!

In the afternoon Em and I made some ANZAC Slice for ANZAC Day tomorrow, it was after Hannahs Recipe and they were really good! :)
Because it was our last fish and chips night, robyn bought some salt and pepper squids, which we had for entree and then our traditional fish with salad and sweet potao in the oven, so yummy!!!

Sa, April 25th
Today is ANZAC day

I am not sure if you have heard about ANZAC day, it is a day where all australians think and rememorate all the veterans and soldiers who fought for Australia since world war I.
April 25th is when the Battle of Gallipoli was fought and many Australians died in the battle.
I think it is a great thing to have ANZAC day to think about all the soldiers and thank them for the freedom we have!
We watched the big march in Sydney yon TV and at 2pm we went to Ourimbah where Em and I machrced for our schools – a great experience for me!
Ems school marching

My school marching 

I even got chosen to lay down the wreath with Dean, our school captain – thank you MR Angel!

It was a great experience for me, because we don’t celebrate ANZAC Day in Germany and it was completely new for me!

At around 5pm Greg drove me to Ebbys house where I stayed for a sleepover – finally!! <3 Ebby got the power back in the morning so perfect timing, haha :)
We had BBQ for dinner, started watching Divergent and did lots of other things. :)

Su, April 26th
Eb and I woke up at around 8am today and we finished watching Divergent in bed to wake up a bit. It was only about 20 min left so it was perfect! It is a great movie!!!! Love it :)

We then went for a walk about 1 hour to see the horses and take some photos, which was really really nice! Ebby and I we both love horses so it is perfect!

Letos goo!

Big tree!


playing the piano
We had an aussie brekkie vegemite on toast and a black tea
Thank you much for the great sleepover Ebby! <3

We had a lovely morning and Ebby drove my home at around 12.20pm or so, well she drove and her mum sat next to her! It was amazing to see her drive, something we both wanted to for a very long time!

And then..
Em opened the door for us and when I walked in everybody said “SURPRISE”! IT was soooo nice! IT was a big, massive surprise farewell party Robyn had organised for me and it was an incredible and wonderful day!
When I came in..

She organised it with Makayla and Ebony and the whole family came, my closest school friends, neigbours, everybody who played a role in my life here! IT was a great day, to good to be true!
I felt so much like in a movie, because everything was perfect! The decoration was great, Em did a slideshow which was so nice, we had ballons.. it looked great! Well dine everybody!

Greg cooke on BBQ (sausages) and we had different cheese and bikkies and the delicious spinach dip – I love it! IT is spinach and sour cream, and it is fabulous, I am addicted to it!

I talked to everybody again and we all had a great arvo, laughing and talking about the past 10 month, which have gone so quickly!
Selfie time!

Robyn had organised a chocolate cake from sarah lee, Em made some delicious caramel slices and we had some other desserts, which were all really, really good!

Cutting the cake together!

Yum, it was great!
Before we could eat them Robyn made a speech, which was beautiful and she started crying and it was so sad! She said such beautiful things and I know we will always stay in touch for ever! You ARE my second family forever now and my here has been so much more I could have ever asked for!
Thank you so much!
Greg made a speech as well and Em as well and then it was my turn of course.. In the end we were all so sad and I cried a little bit as well. Ebony and Makayla cried as well which made me even more sad! :'( I DONT WANT TO LEAVE!!!!

Awww Ebby and Mikki!!

I got some lovely presents on the day, a really nice bracelet with 5 australia charms, a kangaroo, a a koala, a safe travel coin, a boomerang and one of the shape of Australia – thank you so much!! It will always remind me of all the fun times we had!

I also got a candle, a Ken Duncan Poster and 2 books (thanks Sophie xxx), the best Jambaroo Photo ever and lots of caramello koalas and lots of beautiful cars, which I will put in my room back at home in Germany!

WE took lots of photos of course with friends, you can never have enough memories , here are some:

Group photo

Fun times!

Selfie stick!!

Jack and Luke and Em :)

This one is my absolute favourite, because I will never forget you and I will aslways heave you in my heart!

I <3 u!
Makayla and Ebony were the last ones to be picked up and when Makaylas mm came, she came in a new car..
it was Makaylas first car!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't this so cool?! She got a silver Suzuki Swift, really cool!
Thank you so much again for organising the best suprise party ever! It was a absolute amazing day!

Afer everybody left, we took some family photos to remember this day forever, with the selfie stick of course ;) Best present ever Em <3

Thank you soo much toyou three for organising this special event for me and keeping it secret! I know how much work and effort you put in, it was fantastic! I cant thank cou enough – the more than perfect farewell!

AT around 7.30pm we skyped my mum and dad in Germany for the last time again, next time I wil be on the other side of the screen as Greg said.. this will be weird..

Mo, April 27th
I had a very.. lets say..interrupted night last night, thinking about my time here and I also cried a little bit ..:-(

It was very cold this morning, the coldest morning of this year so far and we were all pretty tired.
I walked to school, I really enjoy walking in the morning and I tried to look at everything to remember it, because today was my second last of school..
WE had Roll call in the hall like every monday and Mrs Heaps told everyone that it was my second last day and so everybody knows now and they all said we'll miss you – very sad!

We took a class photo in food tech – this is my class :) 

Next was english and my english teacher MRs Marsia gave me a present at the end of the lesson, which was a book called “Emma” by Jane Austen. It was really really nice, thank you very much!

In Recess we sat at our place from last year which was really nice and had a nice time :)) Next was maths, my last maths lesson.. :-( then chemistry and SLR, where we layed boccie, which was quite funny.

It was a very nice school day, I had so much fun and I cant believe that my time here is almost over. I wasn’t really sad at school today, but I think it is because I cant really realise what is going on and my brain doenst understand that I wont see all these great people for a long long time!

Makayla drove me to the primary school after school in her new car – yeha, really cool!

I had a massive cooking and baking arvo, did some brownies, a cake and cooked dinner fo rmy family – chicken schnitzel, yum! I love cooking so I had a great arvo!
I love cooking dinner for my family because it makes them all so happy and it is always so nice!

So yeah, this was Monday, my second last day of school...

Sorry if some day-reports are a bit weird, but I don’t have much time at the moment, because there are more important things of course, but I am trying my best to write as good as possible!

Tu, April 28th
Last day of school today...

I doesn’t feel real at all that today was my last day of school! :`(

I waked to school in the morning for the last time, I really enjoyed walking :) The first two periods Ebony Makayla and I spend running around the school getting signatures from the diffrent teachers to sign me out and preparing their slideshow they did for me, while I was having my speech.

We took some photos while running througt the school, here are some :)

In the school

me practising the speech ;)


We then had assembly and this one was a very special one! IT was my farewell assembly.. Really sad!
Mr Angel the pricipal had a speech which was beautiful and I had some tears in my eyes. He even mentioned my two brothers at home and my two rabbits and it was really really nice!
HE gave me a pen and a glass which has a Lisarow high on it and he said they ususally give it to teacher that leave but I deserve on too .. So ncie!!

Than it was my turn to have a speech, which I was sooo nervous and scared of the whole time! Makayla and Ebony made a slide show which was shown while I was talking, so nice! Thank you so much Mikki and Ebby <3 !! IT was beautiful! Ill miss xou too so much!
It wasn’t as scary as I thought to talk infront of the whole school about 900 people but still scary! But I am proud I did it and apparently it was pretty good :)

Then it was Mrs Heaps turn, our year advisor. She made another wonderful speech and then she gave me a massive car where all the year 11 had signed and a little bag with a present in it.
You wil never guess what it was!
It was a pandora bracelett !Sooo beautiful! I always wanted one and I almost bought one the other day.. It was the most beautiful moment when I got the bracelet and the whole year 11 had given money to buy it for me! It had two charms on it the opera house and it says sydney on it and a koala. Tehy picked the best charms they could have every picked – thank you so much everybody! I cant believe I got it and it will always remind me of Lisarow High School and how great my time here has bee!!!

Greg and Robyn and Em also came to the Assembly which made it even more special for me- thank you so much for coming!
IT was so weird to sit up on the stage and not with all the other students and I was so nervous but I had my two best friends with me which supported me so much, I couldn’t have done it without you!

I also got my Duke of Ed bronze award :)
Afte Assembly we ate the brownies I made yesterday and took a polaroid photo and talked
Group photo :)

I cant belive I wont see all the people again for a very long time and it was so sad to say good bye, also because it doesn’t feel real to me!

We had another Assembly, ANZAC Assembly after recess which went for the whole period and was really good. IT was my last period , because of short tuesday and so I had to say good bye to almost everyone, i'll still me friends at 6pm for my farwell dinner but ill tell you later!

I also got a very nice ard from MRs Heaps and I just cant thank her and the whole school and Makayla and Ebony enough for everything they have done for me! It is amazing! So many great surprises, it feels like in a dream or movie!

After school Makayla and I went down to Maccas after saying good bye to all the teachers and stayed there till 1.30pm. We took some selfies with some other guys of our year we met down there :)

I thought I would cry a lot but I think I couldn’t because it feels so unreal and I just believe my last day here at lisarow high is over! It was great and fanstastic!

At home I finished doing my aussie cake for my farewell dinner tonight and it was so much harder to do the icing than I thought.. well I think you can still recognise the aussie flag, hahah :P I hope it takes good .. Hopefully..

Greg took Robyn to the doctor because she wasn’t feeling well at all, I hope it is nothing bad.
UPDATE: Luckily it is nothing bad they found out probably just a bit stressed!

My farewell party was great! Greg drove me to the restaurant where we all met at 6pm. We were 11 people: Makayla, Sarah, Hannah, Emily, Sophie Felicity, Holly, Ella, Megan, Bec and me.
It was soo nice, we all had a great night! It was all you can eat Pizza and Pasta and you can order as many times as you want. I ordered a pizza with pesto base, prawns, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese, so good! We shared all the pizzas and pasta so we could all try different things :)

And then for dessert we had the cake I made before :)
I got so many beautiful and wonderful presents and cards, thank you so much everybody<3!!
I got an amazing photobook, some beautiful opera house earing, some flowers (roses :) ), a necklace, and some chocolate!! Thanks! You are the best friends ever!
We took many photos of course, 9 on my polaroid camera and had so much fun!

Here are some! 
Group photo :)
hannah and me !

Selfietime :)

Group photo outside ;)


opening the presents :)

me and miiki :)

hahha Emily and Holly!

Holly, MEgan and Sarah!
holly was singing the australian anthem on there hahah :)
They even carried me, haha, you are the craziest best friends I could have ever wished for!

It was a perfect farewell dinner and we had so much fun and laughed a lot and holly and bec even sang the australian anthem for me!

It was so said when we got picked and some of my friends started crying. :`( I am going to miss you all so much! IT still doesn’t feel real to me, I cant believe I wont see you again for a long time....

Good night,,

We, April 29th

I was feelign quite sad in the mornign so I decided to go for a quick run at 8am, haha, but it was great! When I came back I had so much energy :)

My whole morning was pretty much packing and deciding what to take and not.. Looking at all my things I have bought and I got.. pretty sad.. Some photos of packing here:


My room and the rumpers room where a pretty pig mess haha, but I am really happy how goo dit went. I had about 29.2 kilos when I weight my suitcases, but a few things were still missing, but that should be alright I think :)

At around 6pm Makayla and her sister Hannah and her mum came to our house to say goodbye, well her mum and Hannah and Hannah gave me a little present. It was a charm for my pandora bracelet, a little suitcase – it is beautiful – thank you so much Hannah! <3 Ill miss you so much!

We had Peanut Butter chicken for dinner, my fave dish and we watched a movie that I have been doing the whole year about my life in Australia which was 2 hours long! It was a very very nice “last supper” as robyn called it and we ate the cake I made on monday for dessert!

When we watched the movie Robyn started crying and at end EM and I were crying as well, it was so sad.. :'( I just DONT want to leave.. I cant believe my time here is almost over, there is so much more to do and see and it all doesn’t feel real..
Em and I took a polaroid photo of us in our onsies – memories for ever!

And Em slept in my bed for the last time.. :'(

Thursday, April 30th
In the morning Em, Greg and me had our last normal school brekki together and Em challenged me if I would be able to eat a whole slice of vegemite toast the way dad has it – and this sooo much vegemite! I said sure, and so he did it for me and I ate it, it was alright, but I have to say I repefer it with elss vegemite.
She went to school then, and later in the morning she had an audition for a festival to be the MC (Who introduces every act) and she did really well!

I continued and finished packing eventually in the ealry afternoon.
Greg and I went to see Nan so I could give her my present and say goodbye, which was really sad.. but we said we stay in tough by sending letters to each other :)
When we came back home picekd Robyn up and went straight to the nursery where we finally bought the avocado tree – I thought a lot about a special present I could gove to Greg Robyn and Em and I thought a tree would be great so they can always remember me when they eat the avocados :) And they loved it! We didn’t get to plant it together, but next time I come and visit them, there will be fruits on it hopefully and we can eat it togeher :)

I continued to pack and my room looked so empty, so unreal..

I went down to pick EM up with Greg because Emily friends wanted to say Goodbye to me and they had a really nice present for me – thanks Alysha, Emily and Zoe! I hope I ll see you next summer!

BACK at home Em got changed, I threw the last things in my handbag and said Bye to my room , the dogs and the house.
WE were a bit late, so we had to give each other our present very quickly. I made a photobook for my family, and I found a stone in the shape of a heart on the beach and wrote family on it and the avocado tree of course. I had some individual presents as well. I really hope I could show them how fantastic this year has been for me with the presents and how much I appreciate what they did for me!
I got a beanie bear from Em, which I called Aussie, a realy nice little statue of a heart about the bond of sisters a notebook and 2 really cute little koalas to put in my hair :) Thanks Em they are lovely!


I also got four more charms for my pandora bracelet form the three – I couldn’t believ it when I opened it! They got me the family charm- because we are a family forever, a camera, because I take so many photos and I just love photos, an Aussie heart, because I love Australia and a hand to guide me and watch after me – they are amazing!! I cant believe you got them for me, they are amazing!!

Robyn Greg and Em made a beautiful litle book for me, with a message from each of them for me – I read it in the car and had some tears in my eyes.. :'( It is beautiful!

We then got into the car and it was about 2 hours or a bit more to get to the airport, so much traffic! But greg is a great driver, so it was all good! It was dark when we arrived, and we got a nice last view over Sydeny on the way.
My two best friends Makayla and Ebony caught the train to th airport after school and we met them at the Emirates check in.
IT was soooo great to see my two besties there at the airport, I really cant believe you two came! IT means the world to me!
We went to a restaurant to sit down and had some dinner, some chips, meatlovers pizza, salt and pepper squid and a ceasar salad and we had some celery and apples I brought from home as well :)
It was a great last dinner, we laughed a lot and just didn’t feel like the last time I'll see them for a while Oo :'(


I gave them their pesents and they also got me some presents which were beautiful! I got an amazing photobook, whith lots of photos and great memories, which I will keep forever and it means so mcuh to me – I ll keep as my little treasure together with my pandora bracelet.I got another 3 charms from Makayla and Ebony, an aussie charm and a plane and the letter “S” - it is incredible how full my bracelt now is! Adn it tells a story – my Australian story! It is unbelievable how everybody gave me this amazing bracelet together, it is ag reat memory I will keep forever with all the other memories of course!

We than had to go to the place where we had to go separate ways: I had to go trough customs and they couldn’t come with me.. :'O
It was so sad to say good bye, I don’t know how I did it!
We hugged each other so many times and couldn’t let each other go.. I don’t want to say bye, but I have to..



I love you all sooo much!!!! I hope I see you again, no I know we will see each other again!!!!!!!

We all cried so much, Robyn, my little sis Em ( I love you so much Em), Greg as well a bit, Makayla, Ebony and me..#YOu know I have oyu always with me – in my heart forever!!

As Juli is really sad right now, I made her write about a bit of our journey back:

After I went through all the customs, crying and being really sad, I made my way quickly to the gate, after I met Juli and a few other exchange students, I knew, I went to the bookshop to get a book for the 20 hours plane ride, I didn't end up reading.

We went to board as one of the last people and the nice lady at the check-in gave me the seat closest to Juli, so while we were on the plane we had a couple of “toilettedates”, where we met up in the bathroom to talk and cry, we were both really sad and all we wanted, was the plane to turn around and we where talking about, how we bouth wish, that this wold be the trip we made 10 months ago, when we went from Dubai to Sydney.
The first plane trip was pretty good, as I had nice people next to me I could talk to and so I spend most of the time with talking and sleeping and couldn't manage to watch a whole movie haha.
I also read my “Farewellbook”, where I let all my Aussie friends write in and it was so nice to read all the nice messages, you wrote. Thanks a lot – realising my exchange is over really broke my heart.

We got some dinner, then a pie as a snack and then some brekkie, so much food! IT was actually pretty alright :)

After 14 hours we arrived in Dubai, where it took as a while to get threw all the Security and to get to the bus, which brought as to Terminal A, where our plane to Munich would leave from. As Juli is going there as well, we stayed together the whole time. We decided to get a trolley for alll our hand luggage, which made walking around a lot easier.


We went to the gate and it was four o_clock German time, but we could contact our Aussie familys and it was nice to have a little chat. It was great to be able say hello and tel tehm we arrived well in Dubai!
We had a little look into a couple of shops and I bought a postcard, after we went threw the first boarding, we sat down and I started reading Makyalas entry in my book, which bought tears into my eyes. I only read half of it, as it is such a long letter and we had to board.

Juli and I were sitting in the same row, but two people in between, but the nice stewardess organized us to get two seats together, which was really awesome, we talked a lot, about everything and showed each other our movies and photos, before we talked more ahaha.

We got another breakfast on the plane and then another meal – lunch, so much food!!!

I also spend some time catching up on writing my blog, because I didn’t have had time to do it the last few days, too busy!!

Only 0 hours 44 min till we land in Munich and I can see my mum and dad my two brothers! <3

So guys , this is my last post about my time in Australia from Australia or the plane ;)
The next one will be from Germany,

See ya guys and I hope you enjoyed reading and following my posts!

Love you Sophi

Thank you again fro this great year Robyn, Greg, Em, Makayla, Ebony and everybody else !! <3 xxxooxoxo