Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

# 63 Week 30 already! Time goes so fast! Oo

Hey guys,

the next week is over again – my first full week of school :))
Lots of interesting things happened again – we cooked in Food tec, we met a federal member and I also had my first Maths extension class. :)

Nice flower :P
Mo, February 2nd
Second week of school – wuhuu!! Well, it is going to be first full week, haha :)

Selfie on the way to school, haha :)

I had Food tec, Business studies, Chemistry, Maths and English :) Maths was really good and it is so funny how we all sit on our own desks, haha :) It was great to see al my friends and we enjoy sitting in the senior area at the top of the school :D
After school we came home and had about 20 min before we had to leave again- Why? Greg had arranged a meeting with Karen McNamara, who is a federal member and responsible for Lisarow and Tuggerah and yeah. :) It actually was really good, a lot better than I thought it would be! She was really nice and we talked for like 20 min or so and also took some photos, which she said she 'll put on fb – I hope soon, haha :) That is cool, isn't it? I met a federal member :D I also got some presents - a flag and a book, which is really nice! Thank you again! :) I ma very glad Greg arranged the meeting!
After the meeting we dropped Em and Robyn at home and Greg took me to my clarinet lessons, which were really good! :) I am playing Adagio from the clarinet concert :)

When I came back Robyn had a really back headache and aksed me if I cook Chicken schnitzel for dinner and I sayd yes of course! And Greg and EM helped as well, so if was pretty good! I really liked it to cook all together and it was a very good dinner :)

Tu, February 3rd

It rained again today in the morning when I was walking but less than yesterday and so I only got a little bit wet.. okay, it wasn't much raining, just a little bit of sprinkling :)

I had English, Business and SLR - Sport today and the free! Yes, we finished at 12.10pm, which was pretty awesome! To celebrate our first free afternoon Sophie, Felicity and me went down to Lisarow plaza which like a 5-10 min walk and went into a bakery cafe to get some lunch. I got a cheese and bacon roll the other two girls a pie. It was very nice to sit together and talk and feel so old, hahah :) We are seniors, so cool! :) At about 1.15pm we decided to slowly go home and Sophie and I went into Bilo to buy some stuff – she bought some chocolate and we then went home. First we wanted to go to the beach and then come to my house and go for swim in the pool, but the weather was not that good so we decided to do it another Tuesday. :)

At home I tried to skype with my friend Sophia-Marie who is in Canada at the moment, but it id not work and we ended up sending whats app voice messages :)
After a while she had to eat dinner and I had to do homework...
During dinner – we had corned beef Yummy!! - we watched My Kitchen Rules, which started yesterday (but I missed it because of homework.. :/) but it is a very good cooking show :)

Wed, February 4th

I had to get up at 6am today in the morning and do you know why? If you don't know it yet, you will probably laugh at me.. Not many people would probably do it, I am ! :)
I took Maths extension and so we have to got School earlier two days to have classes in the morning from 7.30 to 8.30 before the normal classes start – some kind of additional classes for the smart kids, haha :) And I was given the opportunity to do it – which made me really proud because that shows me that I am one of the best 6 kids in maths of our year. Yes, our Maths class has only 6 people, which is great!!
So I got up at around 6am and had to be super quiet because everybody was still sleeping and they don't up until after 7am. I left home at around 7am and walked only half way because Bec said her mum could pick me up half way and drop me to school with her. :) This gives me about 10 to 15 more minutes of sleep – yeah! Thanks Bec!
And Maths in the morning was great! Well, I LOVE maths so I like it always haha, but it is just so funny in a small class. Not the funny from laughing, but a weird funny, because everybody sits on his own desk and it is super quiet and we do all our exercises, which is only revision at this moment – Algebra and I love Algebra – PERFECT!! :)) So yeah, we had Maths in the morning and we went to Roll call as usual and had a normal school day. I had Business first and then Maths again :) And we continued doing our Algebra exercises :P After Recess I had SLR, where we finished doing all our fitness test, the last one was a 40 m sprint, but it was raining again unfortunately and the hall is not big enough.. So we were thinking where could we do it instead and we finally 10 min before the end of the period thought of the science corridor is is about 50m long and we did it there, haha, pretty funny :)
Then Chemistry and last I had Food tec. We also got our homework back and she had marked it, which nobody knew, but I got 10/10 which is pretty cool! :) *Proud* :)

After school I pretty much did homework the whole afternoon from like 3pm (when we came home) to 6pm before I went to band, which was great again :)
We got some work in Maths, Business studies, Chemistry and I still had some of the English questions to answer. I wrote about 6 pages in the end for english, soo much! I think I have to start writing less.. ;P

Today at food tec Makayla said she is going to cry when I leave and that was os sad.. Because time is going to fast and it is just unbelievable! But it made me so happy to hear it, because this meant so much to me! I have found really good friends – especially Makayla and I am so glad for this!! :)Many people ask when I am leaving and they then say “I'll miss you so much!” :'( But heaps of time, my friends forget that I am leaving and we kind of plan things for when I am back home or they ask me if I am going on the ski trip, which is in September... Weird, but it makes me happy that they forget I am leaving again.. :)
When we cam home from Band there were these two owls sitting on the tree - so cool! I had never seen free owls before :)

Thu, February 5th

I had to get up really today again because of Maths extension. It was raining really heavy this morning and it stopped raining from like 6.45 to 7am and just when I started walking it started pouring again.. I had my umbrella but I got still pretty wet..

FOTO UMBREALL the street was even flooded a little bit Oo But luckily Bec's mum picked me up half way and so it wasn't too bad :) We had Maths, then Roll call, Chemistry, SLR, Business, Food tec and Maths again.We also had our house meeting before lunch. We are going to have a swimming carnival on February 19th and so we had to decided House captains and decided who is going to to compete.. we have four different houses here and every house had a colour. We are Dunk and are yellow. There is also red, green and blue. We choose a year 12 captain and a year 11 vize-captain and Courtney won against Makayla.. But she is going to do it really good I think! :) I am pretty excited for the house events and swimming carnival because we don't have it at home in Germany and we have to dress up in colours and stuff :)


Straight after school we got changed and had swimming at 3.30pm. It was my first Mimi-Squad lesson and I really enjoyed it! We did lots of breaststroke which is my favourite and learned the breaststroke turn :)

After swimming and having a shower I had to do some homework.. And we had Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner – yum!! @ papi, you cooked it a couple of days ago as well, didn't you? :)

Fr, February 6th
I could sleep long today haha, until 10 to 7 :) Wuhuuu !! :)
But I was still tired, haha.. this week has gone FOREVER!!! SO long, it feels like it was two or three weeks, but it is only one.. omg, so looking forward to the weekend.. one site, but then I really like seeing my friends as well.. But okay, I think I should write about today instead of writing some weird stuff, haha :) But, stop, I have to tell you something I forgot yesterday! At Lunch I went to the canteen with Makayla and I left my salad on the table where we are all sitting and when we came back after like 5 min it was gone hahah and my drink bottle as well! Oo and then my friends told me this story that a Wallaby came and got my lunch and they tried to catch it or take a photo but it jumped over the fence and so they could't follow it, hahah soo funny!! It was jst great! I found my lunch after getting “hot and cold” tips behind a tree :) Really funny! :D

I walked today in the morning again and it was nice and sunny and the perfect weather! I met Eb at the lights near the school and we walked together which was great start for this day :) I had Chemistry first which I really like, even though it is sometimes pretty hard. But we analysed the periodic table today and I already knew most of it which was really cool! :) Then business studies where we are learning about businesses and it is actually really interesting :) Then English and Maths. Maths is just great – I love it! We are just doing exercise over exercise and it is so quiet and it is just so good – I love Maths and I am so glad I chose Extension :) And it is so cool to sit next to Felicity because we do it all pretty much at the sam espeed and yeah – perfect :) My absolute favourite subject!!! :)

After lunch we had Food tech where we did our chocolate – caramel brownies, haha :) Soo funny! We first had to find a kitchen where to cook, like sort out who is going to cook where and Makayla and I went to then same one where I cooked last year – yeah! :) And Daniel and his friend were cooking in the other kitchen.. okay, that is hard to explain but we have like two kitchen kind of together and they are in the same area as ours.. I think I have to take a photo on monday. :)

Well, yeah, we got all our ingredients and stuff and started cooking and it all went really good! Makayla and I we are such a good team, haha :) And having so much fun! We decided to wash not only our stuff but also the boy's one and so now it is going to be their turn next time, yeah – good thinking, isn't it? :)

Our brownies turned really good – well as long as we left it in the baking tray.. Because we did not have enough time Mrs Heaps said we should put it in the fridge until Monday and then we can do the decoration and present them. But because we wanted to eat some we decided to take one home and leave the other on in the fridge :D but unfortunately it fell all apart when we took it our.. but it doesn't matter still tastes really good :)

After school I did some homework – we re getting really much - and then played my clarinet – I am playing the Adagio from the clarinet concert from Mozart at the moment *-* And all the time talking to Makayla :) Like texting I mean.

We had salmon and salad for dinner again and watched Crocodile Dundee 2 – a great Movie!! :)

Sa, February 7th

Em went to a birthday in the morning from 10 – 12.15 and Robyn went to see Nan and show her apartment to a man who might buy it.

In the morning I did some work on my laptop and relaxed a little bit :) At about 2pm we went to Tuggerah to watch a move called Paperplanes which was really good and the main thing was it was filmed in Sydney!! *-*:)
I also had some vegemite sandwiches for lunch - yum!
I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but before the movie starts they don't only show like trailers for other movies but also ads for like shops and stuff.. a bit weird..
After the movie, which was actually really good, we did some shopping until 5pm and then I met Makayla who finished working at 5 and went back to her house for a sleepover. :) Hannah, her sister had also a friend (Elkie) over and so we had heaps of fun!!! We went to a DVD place to get some movies and ordered some Pizza for dinner. Makayla's mum Julie is the best, haha :) She said like we are going to have a movie marathon tonight :) We watched “What happens in Las Vegas”, which was pretty funny and then went for a swim in the Spa :) Haha, that was funny! And then we watched Burlesque, which was a really good movie, like not Rom com or so, but a little bit deeper maybe..? I have no clue, haha, but it was good! :) It was around midnight then and then Hannah and Elkie decided to clean the turtles back, it was all green from plants growing on it, hahah, and I got a photo with Franky :D haha, unfortunately I dropped him and I was like freaking out thinking I had killed the turtle! But luckily, I didn't :)


And we also let him run, hah, which was pretty funny as well :)

We then slowly decided to go to bed, but Hannah and Elkie said they couldn't sleep, they weren't tired..i don't know exactly, but yeah.. And Makayla and I were talking like really long and had such a good conversation!! It feels like we know each other for ages and hat makes me soo happy! I am so glad I 've found such a good friend and her whole family is great! We stopped talking at like 4am in morning! Oo I know, that is soo late!

And we had to get up at like 8.45 in the morning, so we had like 4.45 hours of sleep – yeah! I am going to be so tired tonight! Early night for all of us!

Su, February 8th
So yeah, after the late night yesterday Greg picked me up at about 10am because Makayla had to work again and yeah.. But we had a great time yesterday!

At home we had cleaning day today and a bit later I went for a swim in the pool because it was so super hot today! Okay, not super super hot, but when it is too hot you can't even go outside and I think today was about the limi - 34 or a little bit more, but still “cold” enough to go outside and for swim. I know, that sounds weird, but when it is too hot you can't go outside!

So, this is my post about week 30! Love you all,


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