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# 59 Week 27: Luna Park, Orthodontist, Car Crash, Circus and Horse Racing

G'day guys :)

this post is a little bit late, I am very sorry, but I was working on the Canberra post for a very long time and did not have more time (and to be honest I couldn't be bothered as well :)) to write another post about this week, but here it is now, better late than not, isn't it? This Post is also a very, very long one, because it is about 10 days, from the 10.1. to the 19.1. WOW! Oo And this week was a very razy and buzy and great week! Lots of things happened!! As you can probably read in the title. :)
Let's go!
Sa, January 10th
Today we had a little bit of a sleep in and got up at around 9am. After breakfast, we had to tidy up.. What? Yes, we still had a ll the Christmas decoration on, the tree and stuff and usually it is a tradition to have it all packed up until January the 6th.
Oops, we are a bit late .. So yeah, we tidied it all up, which took us a while but a lot faster than expected and we finished at around 3pm.

In the later afternoon we also went to Aldi to do some grocery shopping and also start to buy some stuff for school – it is only 2.5 more weeks of holidays Oo And Aldi had some Back to school specials on. I got 2 books, which I hope should be enough and Em got heaps of things. :) Some very, very nice little note books, new pens and pencils.. Like me usually, back to school shopping is the best!!
I don't remember anything else we did, but I hope it wasn't anything important.. :P

Su, January 11th
We had a nice relaxing day, not doing much today, reading a little bit and playing some games :) I don't remember it exactly to long a go, hahaha. :))

Mo, January 12th
Today was a great day!!! I had to go to the orthodontist in the morning to see if he can repair my broken retainer... He checked it out and said there are different possibilities what to do, new retainer, fix the old one or loose retainer for the night.. He said I should come back next monday and so I can think about it. Hm.. that is all soo expensive! But I can't cha ge it anymore, now I have to let it fixed.. Okay, this part of the day was not that good, but it is getting heaps better!!

On the way back from the orthodontist, greg dropped me at the train station in Lisarow. You wonder why? I was going to LUNA PARK with some friends, yeah!!! I have been sooo excited about it since I knew my friend Emily wanted to go! Luna Park – that is the best!! :)
We were four people (Emily Makayla, Felicity and me), which is the perfect number – not to much and not to little and perfect for the rides! :)
It was raining a little bit unfortunately, but we decided still to go, I mean a little bit of rain in not that bad and we hoped it would stop – and it did! :) We panned to catch the train at 9:50, but it was 25 min late... Well, we had to wait then, but we had fun, haha. It was great to see my friends again, after not seeing them for about 3 weeks! I mussed them! It was great to spend so much time with the family, but it is always nice to have friends at the same age to talk to and laugh together and stuff! We had heaps of fun on the train ride to Sydney which took about 1.5 hours. We took lots of selfies and snapchatted each other all the time, hahha :)) And we also made some weird “friends”, haha :)) (@Makayla and Emily)
Emily, Felicity, me and Makayla :) <3
We arrived at around 11.40 at Milsons Point, which is the train station to get off for Luna Park. And surprise the sun was kind of shining! :)

I had to get a photo of the train station because you could see the Harbour bridge – omg!!! That is soo cool! I still can't believe I am seeing it in real life and not in movies or series like Dance Academy or A gurls world!

We walked to Luna Park which is ony 5 min and it was so cool! This famous big entry looked so much better in real life than on all the photos! This scary, happy faca, haha :)

on the way, I was just so happy!

I Had to get some photos there, of course!! I love the view from there it is just amazing, the Opera House, Harbour Bride, Palm trees, Sea, everything!!

Luna Park!!

i <3 this picture!

I am not sure if I have explained what the Luna Park is, if I haven't sorry, I apologise!
It is an action or fun park, which has many rides, some roller-coaster, a carousel, a free fall thing and much more.. it is like a small Oktoberfest, if you compare it to the rides. :)

It is free to go in and so first wondered around a little bit and then bought some lunch and ate it. We were sitting on the outside looking at Opera House, Harbour Bride and the place where dance Academy was filmed – you maybe now it? It was crazy for me, because I watched Dance Academy just before I came here and it kind of prepared me for this trip to Australia and so it is kind of a dream to see the place where it was made!! Crazy, I know!

As you can see we had a great place to sit and have lunch. :)

After lunch we bought our tickets – which I have to say is really, really expensive!! But I really wanted to go to Luna Park and I got some money for Christmas, so yeah, I thought I can allow me to do this! :) We got unlimited rides, cool!

Our first thing was the ferries wheel, which was perfect, after lunch! We had a great view over all the amazing landmarks! We had heaps of un there and took some photos of course – hoping our phones would not fall down!! :P

view out of the ferris wheel!

We then went to the “Wilde Mouse”, which is a roller-coaster and I think we also have it on the Oktoberfest in Germany. Makayla and me we loved it!! We did it tow more times later :)) We also got a photo of us in there, screaming and having fun!

After this we went to the Hair raiser, which is a free fall thing, like I did at the Oktoberfest a couple of years ago, with you Alex :) It was 50m high and dropped with a speed of over 80km/h. Oo Soo cool! Emily and I we went on it, we DID it!!! It was great, hahah, scary, but great!

OMG, sooo cool! Oo

We also went on the Carousel twice, which was fun! I alaways wanted to go on one, because it is usually for little kids, but it looks so much fun to on there with friends and we did it :) And did you know the Bachelor went on there as well and we saw the carriage he was in with Jessica, hahah :)

Me and Makayla :)
Just so happy :)
Then we went to the Tango train, which is a train that spins around backwards and forwards ver fast. I was actually really scared of this ine, but I loved it! It was great! Makayla and me could not stop laughing, hahahahah! And Emily and me went on the Rotor, where you spin around and the floor drops, very funny! Mami, you have told about this and now I did ti, cool, isn't it?

Rotor :)
Then we did the Dodgem Cars of course and went on Cooney Island, which is a big inside fun park. They had these big slides there, Makayla and me got another photo there :)
We had to catch the train home at 4.20pm and so we left Luna Park at 3.45 to take some more photos outside and the girls wanted to get something to drink and ice cream. :)

We got some great photos outside with the famous Luna Park Entry and I also got one on myInstax camera :P

Instax Camers :))

The train ride back was pretty funny as well even though we were a bit tired and the train was pretty full because of all the business men going home from work.
When we arrived in Lisarow Makayla and me went to Maccas to wait for her dad to pick us up.

We had so much fun today and it was a great day – really one of the best with my friends! It felt like I have been always here and we were talking and joking and laughing, just great! I love my great friends!!! It was so funny to hear the stories when I first came and what they thought about me – they told me a little, little bit :) I hope they tell me a bit more another day. Thank you Emily for organising it, it was GREAT!!

Another special thing today is, that it is SIX MONTHS today, since I arrived here at the Crellins! Incredible, isn't it? I can't believe how fast the time went – it went too quick! I cant believe it is only 3.5 more months.. :( That makes me soo sad! I have made incredible friends, got to love my second family and there is so much more to do in the 3.5 months. So I am not going to waste any more time, I am enjoying every single second!!!

Thank you Opa and Hede for your great letter I got today! I love the photos!

Thank you!

Tu, January 13th
It was another relaxing day today, just at home, reading and yeah :)

Wed, January 14th

Greg, Em and me left at around 8.30 to drive to Cessnock, which is about 1 hour north, because Greg has to bring his new car to the first service to let t check out and see if everything is still okay. It was great to see the landscape again, because I have sen it in October, when we went to the Hunter Valley, in December when we went to the Hunter Valley Gardens and now. And it changed a lot! Soo green, which was a bit weird, because it is summer, but it is Australia, haha. :)

We almost arrived at the Ford Service center, we were about to turn right, but then we had to wait because there were so many cars coming in the other lane and couldn't turn right. We were waiting about 30 or so, when I saw a white car coming from the other side and he was coming straight to us! I thought he wanted to overtake a car or so and would turn back to his lane, but he did not! He came straight to us and then I closed my eyes and heard a crash!!

It was so scary, because he crashed into us, frontal and he did not stop or anything! It was terrible!!
I actually could not believe we had a Crash! I was sitting in front so I had seen the car coming! Em was crying in the backseat so I took her out and tryind to calm her down a little bit!
The men from the Service centre were really fast and they brought us to a room and gave us some water and hot chocolate which was really good! Greg stayed down at the car and dealed with the police and firetrucks which came, of course! A little bit later the Parameter, which are doctors came to check Em out, because her back was hurting. They said it was okay, but if it gets worse we should go to the hospital.
The car actually looked really bad I think.. well not to bad. But so scary! The other driver was really weird.. He said he had a black out and had it yesterday as well, which is even “weirder”! But he was the first who was out of the car! And then he got his cat out.. Weird!!! And he did not even have an insurance and was only one-handed. I don't want to say anything against disable people I think it is great if they can still drive, but not if it is a danger to other people..

OMG, that is our car. Oo
on the truck Oo

After about 1 hour Greg could finally come to see us, it was just so terrible! Our neighbour came to pick us up at around 11am and brought us home safe. I actually think I started realising the accident and all when we were sitting in ca on the way home and started crying a little bit. I did not realise it at the moment I think because I was caring about poo Em and so.. I was really shocked and I slowly got the shock.. But I only cried a little bit! I got some memories from a car accident we had a few years ago with our blue Citroen.

It was actually very bad for Greg because it was his new car, only 4 weeks old. Oo But is is going to be repaired and hopefully going to look like new! :)

Back at home Greg and I had a cup of tea and I went into my bed for maybe 20 min or so and after it, I was a lot better!!

Em unfortunately did not feel that good and she said it hurts when she was breathing. We decided to go the hospital then and she was checked out there. They said it was a bit sore inside and would hurt a little bit in the next couple of days. They gave her some medicine and it got better! I hope it is not to bad, poor EM!!!

On the way home from the hospital we went to Bilo to buy some stuff like Ice cream for Em and some Medicine and I had about 10 min to get ready and make my dinner for the Circus. Me, Makyala, Emily and Hannah (Makaylas sister) went to Stardust Circus at 7pm together. Makyala came to pick me up at 6.15 and it was the first time I saw her driving. Her mum was sitting next to her of course.
The Circus was great and had lots of fun! Tehy had Lions, Monkeys, pigs, dogs, horses... So cool! :) We had a great night and especially for me after the accident, it was a great distraction!

Thur, January 15th
I got up early today to go for a walk like alost everyday of this week – very proud!

Jogging :)

At about 9am Robyn, Em and I left home, because EM had a drama workshop and we picked my friend Emily up as well and Robyn drove us to Erina fair, where we went shopping! :)

We had heaps of fun and I finally found a bikini!!! I have been looking for one since I came here and then I found one – and I love it! And the best thing: only 9 dollars! :P
We also bought a folder for next year and some sheets to put in, ready for school! :) And some white socks, haha :)

I had Subway for lunch of course and Emily had Thai, which I tried a little bit and I love it! I am having it the next ime for sure! She did not like the cooked capsicum, so I had it, yeah!:)

A little bit later we also bought a Boost juice, which I haven't tried before and I always wanted to, and now I said, yes, I am going to buy one! And it was delicious! I had Mango and Passionfruit :)

My first Boost Juice!
Shopping!!! :)

Kim, Emily's mum, picked us up at around 2.15. Back at home I had about 10 min and then we all left again to pickup Em and go to Erina fair again to buy some school shoes for her.
We stayed there until 6pm, really long! We had some afternoon tea there, well I had a banana, haha :) But I tried my first Cappuchino, and I loved it! I always hated the smell of coffee, but since a couple of weeks I really like it and I really felt like trying it :) I also bough some new shoes for 9 dollars as well, haha :)
My first Cappuchino!
Fr, January 16th
Today we had a nice relaxing morning, not doing anything special, just being at home and yeah :) In the afternoon we went to the horse racing in Gosford, which was awesome!!!! Horse racing is pretty big here in Australia and when I told Greg and Robyn that I haven't been to a horse racing course, they said, okay, we have to go! :) We have a racing course in gosford, so that is about 10 min, perfect! We saw four races and we had lots of fun! Robyn and great were beating every race, I decided to beat on the last one, just for fun, haha :) ! dollar on a german horse ;P And it came second, so I got 75 cents back, hahaha :)


We had to leave straight after the 4th race, because we had to go to swimming.. Yeah, swimming is on in the holidays as well.. Bu tit was actually really good, because I t was hot outside and then to go in the Pool was perfect! :) Swimming lessons went really good and back at home we had Fish and Chips for dinner – yum! :)

Sa, january 17th
We had swimming today at 8 am in the morning, because we did not go last friday, so we had this lesson today. And do you know what? I can move up classes!!! To minisquad now, muhhahaha! :) I had to swim one lap freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke in front of the manager – how scary. But it was great and he said I can move classes!! :)
Robyn and me went to visist Nan in the afternoon and we spent some lovely time with her!
The view is zoo good!

So, January 18th

Today or yesterday, Em slept with me again because she was cleaning her room and especially her wardrobe and all so her room was bit messy, haha :) But I ws happy, because I like it, when she sleeps in my big double bed with me :)

We got up at around 9am and because today is Sunday – non technology day, we did some reading :) we also had our breakfast, which is a slice of toast with Vegemite for me – and I can now say it I CAN eat it and it is NOT disgusting! I would have never thought I would say it, but it is kind of yummy :) hahha :)

We also had a look at our neighbours new puppy dog, so cute! Jarra, she is 10 weeks old :)

We left home at around 12 o'clock to go to Bateau Bay because we – Em and me – gt some Vouchers for Christmas to go to the Waterpark there :) And Ems best friend Emily and her Family came as well, they got the Vouchers too :) So we had lunch together and then spent 3 hours in the Waterpark. It is not a waterpark as you would probably imagine, all the water slides are portable and it goes to different cities every couple of weeks I think.

It was really, really good and we had heaps of fun! We were a bit late so we ordered our lunch and us kids went for a ride on a couple of slides before lunch. We had our lunch – I had a delicious Cesar salad (great!!) - and then went back on the slides until 4pm.
We also got some ice cream after it :)) I was a little bit sunburnd but not much, bu ti was surprised because I put heoas of sunscreen on and it was 50+!! But thats okay, I like I tot be brown, haha :)

And it was also really funny because all the workers there were work and travel gus and they were almost all from Germany! :) okay, two from England. Haha, it was so funny to talk german to them! They were so surprised to find some german talking girl, hahah and it was so funny to explain what I am doing over here. But it was great, and they all told me about their work and travel and it sounds amazing! It is something I want to do after school! Or at least think about it :)

At home again, Em and I went down to the pool and did some reading :) And we also played Handball – a very popular game here where you bounce the ball :) - and catch. Fun!

The view to the Pool! :)

Mo, January 19th

Today I woke and it was raining! I twas pouring, so much rain! We haven't had that much rain for a while now, but it good, because it was getting a bit dry now. We had about 70ml until 11am. Oo
Greg drove me to the orthodontist this morning to get my retainer fixed – I am so happy it is done now! The doctor was really nice and I think he did a great job, it feels great now :) But no more carrots and apples, only in little, little pieces – how annoying!!!

We were a bit late to the orthodontist, because the roads were flooded and we had to wait a long time until we decided to go another way, much longer but a lot faster in this case :) Greg also called the radio station 2Go to tell them about this other way, so cool! :)

We spend the most day at home, packing a little bit for Sydney tomorrow and tiding up for the Cleaners on thursday, because we are going to stay overnight in Syndey -yeah!!!! That is sooooo cool! :) I can't wait! It is going to be so great! :) As you can see I am pretty excited about going to Sydney. :)))

So, this is the Post about last week, I hope you enjoyed it :)

See ya and love you,


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