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#60 Sydney (Opera House, Barbour Bridge, Madame Tussauds and Löwenbräu Haus), 2x Terrigal Beach and late Christmas present ;)

Hey guys,

I just realised that this is my 60th post. This is a lot isn't it? :)Hahah, and heaps more to go!

This week was an amazing week, I did so much! Really, really much! I am not going to tell you anything right now, so let's start reading.

Just one photo for the start ;)

Tu, January 20th

Today is a day I have waited really long for! We are going to Sydney!!! *-* Yes, you have read it right, we are going to SYNDEY!! And we, that is Greg, Robyn, Em and me. We are going to stay overnight and spend tomorrow as well in Sydney, which is amazing!
We left Lisarow at around 10am in the morning, and I was ready to go since 7.30 or so, haha :) So I had to wait a little while but I did some work in the house.
But when we left it was still raining and it looked really bad the weather and we were really sad.. But when we arrived in Sydney, the sky looked a lot better and it stopped raining and we had a beautiful day! We drove over the harbour bridge which was amazing! *-*
Harbor Bride!
Before we drove to the hotel we made a little Sydney -City Tour and drove past the channel 7 building and the Lindt-Cafe where the Sydney Siege happened. That was a bit creepy to see it..

Lindt Cafe, it is all shut down and there is this yellow wall..
After seeing this and the busy Sydney city we drove to a part of Sydney which is called “the Rocks”, where we were going to stay. This part of Sydney is amazing! Do you know why?
It is the part of Sydney where to Opera House and Harbour Bridge are. :)))

Our Hotel was really, really good!! We had one room with 2 double beds, but that was perfect, because we did not want to spend any time in the hotel besides sleeping. And from our room we had an amazing view over the harbour bride!

Our Hotel also had a pool on the 8th floor from where you could see both – Harbour Bridge and Opera House.! *-* SOO cool!

After checking in and bringing our stuff into the room we went for a walk. We walked over the Harbour Bridge! Yes! It was a dream of mine for a long time and we did it!!

Me on the harbor Bride - A dream comes true!!

the view was amazing!!
Selfie on the bridge!!
Antoher photo!! :)

We walked back again, after taking lots and lots of photos and walked to the Opera House! Another dream of mine! We got some lunch – sandwiches – on the way, which we ate next to the Opera House. :)
Opera House!

When we finished eating, we hear a women calling out for the 2pm Opera House tour and we decided very quick and spontaneous that we want to it! My mum and dad and me, we gave the Crellins (My hostfamily) a voucher for a tour for christmas – perfect!

So close, incredible!
The tour was really, really good and I think, I am sure, it was even better than going to the Opera House for a convert or so, which would have been way more expensive. And we could see different rooms and our tour guide was amazing! She told us so many interesting stories and the one hour went so quick! Everybody loved the tour, so it was a great present!! :)

the big hall!!

me inside the opera house!

Photo from the top of the Opera House

After the tour we had to rush back to the hotel, we had 5min to fresh up and then right to our next sightseeing point :) Robyn had vouchers for a Harbour Ship cruise for 1.5 hours on an old sailing boot, which was great!!! It was soo good! The view was just so great!! :)

Selife with the sail in the background! ;)

Amazing view with the sun!!

Family photo with the captain :)

Em and I could even climb the mast, which was incredible! Thank you so much Greg and Robyn! It was very much fun to see it all from up there :)

Climbing the mast!1
We even saw the place or building where dance academy was filmed :))) So cool!

After the cruise we went back to the hotel and got changed and then went to Circular Quay, where all the ferries arrive, because the Bates where coming over from Manly where they were for 4 days to have dinner together :)

we could see the opera House from another angle :)

We went to the “Löwenbräu Haus” which was very, very cool! All the waiters were German hahaah :) I had a Knödel with Souce and everybody loved it!! It was very, very much fun and the Bates are great!!!

<3 feeling at home!
Greg liked the beer - franziskaner! ;)

After we finished dinner at like 9.30pm - we stayed there for ages!!! - we walked with the Bates to Circular Quay because they had to take the ferry back and we got some Ice cream. :))

Gelato - what a great place to eat some Gelato :)

The view of Sydney and the Harbour Bridge and Opera House was amazing! Totally different again!
On the way back we stopped at a souvenir shop where I bough a little pencil case and cap for me :) Which I have been looking for for ages :)

Back at the hotel we had a quick look over Sydney from the pool again and took some photos and then we went to bed. We were soooo tired after this amazing, very busy day!!!
It was about 11pm when we went to sleep. :)
View from our hotel - that is the best, isn't it??
all the Skycrapers at night *-*
I loved this day today it was amazing and we did so many things I had dreamt of and I cant believe we did it – Harbour Brides and Opera House!!! :) Thank you so much!

We, January 21st

OMG!! The breakfast was soooo good! We had buffet and it was incredible how many different things they had! We could choose from cereal to bacon and egg and chocolate croissant to pancake and mufins and everything!! We could even do our own fresh juices :)) I had cereal with lots of fruit (yum!!), 2 fresh made juices (they were delicious), a little bit of bacon and scrambeld eggs.. *-* There was so much more I wanted to eat but I couldn't, too much! We were all so full and we did not anything else the whole day, haha. I had a little salad when we came home in the evening and Greg and Em some toast I think.

After we finished breakfast we packed all our stuff and checked out. The hotel was really, really good and I would come back for sure – If I had the money... ;)

We then drove around a little bit in the rocks and Greg showed us where his mother lived and we also saw the buildings of dance academy again. :)

The rocks - litturally ;)

But destiny today was darling harbour, which is a very famous part of Sydney as well. We bought this special ticket where you can go to 5 attractions for the price of 1.5 attractions – weird I know, but good! - and went to Madame Tussaud's and the famous Sea Life.

They were both really really good!!

Taylor Swift :)

Greg and Robyn and the girl from Grease :)
Me and Obama :) Oo
Lots and lots of photos! 

I went to the Madame Tussaud's in London in year 8 when I went on Exchange for 1 week and love it! It was so cool to see some of the same wax-figures again and I had to take photos with them like Einstein, Queen or Marilyn Monroe. But also lots of new ones!

Me and Einstein :)
Me and Marilyn Monroe

Sealife was really fun and we saw lots of sharks and other animals :)) But we were getting really tired at the end and it was getting a bit late … But that's allright, we enjoyed it heaps!!!
Family <3
Shark Oo
Selife in the shark tunnel!!!
nice colors :)
Selfie "underwater" :P
We left Sydney at around 5pm or, which means we were in the middle of the big traffic but Greg is a great driver and we managed it to come home at around 7pm. :)

We all were really exhausted, but so happy, especially me!! I had two incredibly good, amazing, fantastic, best days and I am soo thankful to my aussie-family for showing me everything!! I would have never dreamt, that I can see and viit so many different places – so cool!

Thu, January 22nd

Happy Birthday, Alex!! I wish you a great Birhtday my little brother !! <3 I hope you get your present soon!

Happy, Happy Birthday!!
Today in the morning we a little sleep in after the two action days in Syndey :)

We watched the end of the movie 27 dresses we started yesterday, which is a really good movei – rom com, ahah :)

I texted Makayla in the morning if she wants to come for a swim and she said yes, cool! She came at around 12am and stayed until 2.45, when she was picked by her mum to go to work. It was really nice to catch up again and we had so much fun, talking, talking, talking! I am soo happy, that we became such good friends and we can talk for hours about nothing and everything, hahah:)

Thank you zoo much!

She also gave me a Christmas present, which was very, very cute! I got a beckham parfume and body lotion set, really, really, good! Thank you so much!

Love it!
After she lest I went back to the pool and a little bit later Em came to join me and we had heaps of fun :)

Fr, January 23rd

I got up at 7am today in the morning. Why so early?

Because I went to the beach!! Yeah, you got it right! My second time to the beach :)) I was so excited, haha :) Yesterday at 11pm or so, Makayla texted me to ask if I want to come and I said yes, of course!

I left our house at 8.10 and met Makayla on the way and we ducked in Maccas to get a Chocolate Muffin for her :) We then took the bus at 9am and after getting the second bus at Gosford to Terrigal we arrived at the beach at around 10.30. I know it takes a while with the bus, but that is allright!:) It takes about 25 min in the car and 1.5 hours with the bus, hahah :)

The waves were so big today, haha :) We were a little bit scared, but we went in though! After lying in the sun and taning (most important, haha) we went in and had so much fun! There was this big wave which got us really hard and we swallowed a little bit of sand a water.. But yeah, haha :)

The waves were soooo big!!
But it was really much fun to jump over the waves or dive under them.

Then was tanning time again and selife time :) I actually got a bit tanned which was great! And Mami, I used suncreen of course! I put it on in the morning on my whle body, haha :) 50+ suncreen, so I did not get burned but nice and brown :)

Selfie with my bestie!!
We got some Fish and Chips for lunch which we ate at the beach again :) It was delicous!

the beach looked so beautiful!
We took the bus home at around 12.30 and Mikki's (Makayla – her new nicknem ;) ) dad picked us up from Gosford bus station.

When I came home I went pretty much straight to the pool, hahah :) A little bit later Em came as well and we had a nice time in the pool.
We had swimming lessons at 4.30 again and so we had to get changed and stuff... It was really fun, I really enjoy swimming and I am getting better every lesson. And my teacher is so nice, I don't want to change classes.. I had so much water today – beach, pool and pool! Omg, haha :)

At around 6.30 some friends came over for a bbq and swim, but I had enough water today so I watched them playing. :)

We had a nice bbq and a nice time! They stayed until a little bit after midnight – we did not notice how late it was!

Sa, January, 24th
After the late night yesterday, we all had a long sleep in. I woke up at 6.30 but I went back to sleep undtil 7.15 and tehn again until 9 or so. I love it to see the sun in the morning and it shines in my room, which is great! But on the other side, it also wakes me up, but that is all right, I like it, haha :)

I did some computer stuff in the morning, transferring photos from my phone to my laptop and save them on the hard drive and stuff, haha :) Not very interesting, but important! I also did a backup on my laptop.

At around 1.30 we left to go to Erina fair, because we needed to buy a presenet for Scott, whose birthday party we are going today for dinner. Well, here we celebrate the adults-birthdays more like this: We come together in a restaurant, club or like today hotel and we have a nice time :) But everybody pays his own meal, so it not so expensive for the birthday-person. :)

At Erina Fair we also met Debbie and Ken for a little while, because it is their 39th wedding anniversary today, and we had a little card for them. :)
I also bought a little Aussie-Devil thing for my hair, for Australia on Monday :))

Scotts birthday dinner was really good and I had a delicious Caesar Salad :) Ella, Kate and Lexi are soo cute! I spend lots of time doing some colouring in with them :)
We came home at around 11 pm and pretty much straight to bed. :)

Su, January 25th

Today we had another sleep in, haha, we have to use the time before school goes back on Wednesday... ://

I did some work for my “Firmung” i'll have when I go back to Germany and then I was writing this post, hahah :)

At around 12.30 we had a family meeting, where we talk about the next and past week and so.. Haha, it went pretty long about 1.5 hours, but I liked it and I think it was really good. We are going to have it every Sunday now. :)
After this Em and I decided to make a movie and we started filming :) we did a trailer for a movie a couple of months ago and now we are going to do the movie, haha :)

At 5.30 Holly came to pick me up, because we - all my friends – decided to go out for dinner to the beach to Terrigal :) It was great!! We were 8 girls – Holly, Bec, Sarah, Makayla, Sophie (she came back from Canada on Friday), Emily, Felicity and me. 
The beach looked very nice! I wanted to go in - but i didn't have my swimmer..
We got some Fish and Chips for dinner and then some Ice cream. I had salted Caramel, which is one of my favourites, maybe even my favourite, haha :) The beach and sea looked so nice, and even though it was pretty late there were many people still swimming at 7 or 8pm.
Ut was very busy, because tomorrow is public holiday – Australia Day – and many people, especially the young ones, celebrate the whole night, hahah :)

WOW!! The sun!! <3

We also took a photo on my polaroid camera - Makayla and me :)

Sophie's mum brought me home at around 8.30pm and then it was “Skype Time”! Yeah!! I haven't really skyped with my mum and dad since 7 or 8 weeks and it was great to see them again. We had talked a little bit on the phone but it is just not the same to see them :) <3

We talked for a long time, until 11pm or so, haha :) But we had a lot to talk about, especially about my subjects for next year in Germany (Year 11 or Oberstufe) and also the “P-/W- Seminare” But I am pretty happy now, because I know almost everything now, what I want to choose. :)
And my mum had also a great idea, that I should take and exam to get a certificate of my english niveau so I am going to see which on eis the best (Cambridge, TOEFL,..)

It was great to see them again and they look soo happy! And my little brother Philipp is so cute! I cant wait to see him again! :)

I love you so much my best family and I can't wait to see you!!! <3
Sorry for the pic, it is the only on ei took, haha :) :P

So, this is the post about last week,
I hope you enjoyed it and it was a little bit shorter than the last one, haha :)



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