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#57 Happy Birthday Papi, Boxing Day Shopping and New Year

Hey Guys,

I decided to write this post in English because of a couple of reasons.
1. New Year is soon and i want to improve my english even more and so I am going to start writing my posts in English :)
2. My mum wants to improve her english – here you go. Read my Posts and you'll get better :)
3. My Aussie – friends and family can read it as well and dont have to use Google Translator -Makyala and Hannah :)

So there you go, heaps of reasons!
I am going to post this Post now, because we are going to Canberra in less than one hour and I am not sure if I am going ot be able to Post it from over there, so I decided to do it now, and then a whole post about the week away :)

Sorry, didn't work so it is coming now :)
But now, let's go start reading!

Mo, Dec 29th
Emily, Ems best friend, stayed overnight and so we had breakfast with her in the morning and watched a movie Em got from Santa (I forgot the name :O). Because we went to bed very late yeaterday, we slept a bit longer and were still tired haha :)

At about 10.30 Emily's dad came to pick her up, because we had a big day infront of us!

We went to the Movies at 11.25 to see Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day – I hope I got the name right now! The movie is really good and really funny! I loved it :) 

After this Em and I went shopping alone – yeah!!! It was a great shopping time! And all the shops had Sales on because of Boxing day and stuff. But it wasn't as big as it is in America I think. Some things were on Sale, but not everything and most of the Stuff on Sale was ugly, hahaah :))

We both had some Christmas money money to spend, so perfect!

We fist went ot Big W a big shop that has everything! I developed some photos – more Photos – and Em had a look in the Book Section and got a book. We also went to the clothes section were we both got two shirts, which I really love!

Then we had a look in some other shops and Em bought a Minion Cover for her Ipad.

Em's new I pad mini Cover :)

After this we went to Subway to get some lunch, delicious! I had the bet sandwichs ever! Tuna, Cheddar Cheese, lettuce, carrots, onion, beetrot, tomato adn cucumber on an Italian herbs bread! YUM!!

And then more shopping!!
I alsways wanted to buy a Charm Bracelet and so I finally bought me one! And Em aswell! From the Money Nan gave us! She wants us to buy something we can remember her and I think that is perfect! We bought to Chrams each and got a third one for free- perfect, isnt it?
I bought a sweet 16, one of Australia and a musical note – I am very happy!

And at home i have three more – towfrom Tomasabo I got for my Birthday a couple of years ago from my grandparents an „S“ and a 4 leaves claver. And i also have a green bag – traveling bag, which I got from Emely, a friend as a fare well gift. Now my bracelet is pretty full! I want to have it as my memory bracelet from all the places i go to, so I hope I can buy a Charm from Canberra as well :)

my new bracelet
So, after being very succesfull there we went to Best and Less, but we dindt buy anything and then I had a quick in on e of my favourite Shops Cotton On and bough a dress which was reduced to 15 dollars – very good!

And then it was about 4 o clock and we met Greg and Robyn and did some other things... We arrived at home at about 6pm and we all were TIRED but VERY HAPPY!

Em and I had a great, fantastic shopping day, we spend some money but we bought great things!!!

And do you knwo what?! We only stayed in a little area of the whole Shopping Centre, there were so many more shops we could have gone to, but there was not enough time and money! :)

Back at home we did our fashion show with the new things, I bought my bracelet, 2 shirts and 1 dress.

We hat pizza for dinner, i had tuna pizza and Greg and Robyn Bacon and chicken, Em didn't want any and we watched a movie.

During this and actually the last couple of days Greg and Robyn have been searching for accommodation to stay in Canberra where we are going on Saturday, yeah! But they haven't found anythings yet.. But we have accommodation on the way and in the snowy mountains, for each one day :)

Tu, Dec 30th

Happy Happy Birthday to my amazing Dad!! I hope you have an amazing, fantastic and wonderful day, because that is the only thing you deserve!! I hope you get spoiled and have a great day in Nauders skiing :) With heaps of snow ;)

I wish you all the best and hope you have another great – better year!

Here a photos of you with Mami, Alex and Philipp in Nauders, where you are at the moment :) I love you soo much! <3

Hap Happy Birthday!!

So, besides my dad's birthday a lot of things happened today and it was a great day!

In the morning we cleaned the house a little bit, so it looked nice, haha, because Bec and Stacy were coming for a swim in the pool and so also the four kids Kate, Lexi, Ella and Chloe. It was a great day and we had heaps of fun! We all went for a swim and then had some lunch – cheese and bacon rolls and Cheesemite scrolls from Bakers delight – yum! Did you know that I kind of like Vegemite now? I am getting to like it and I can eat about 1 slice of toast now and I kind of enjoy.. Wow! I have NEVER thought i would ever say this, but it actually isn't that bad!

But back to our visitors today :)

They arrived at about half past ten and left a bit after two.

Ella and me :)

Robyn had left to go to a retirement village with her two sisters and Nan for lunch to show Nan where she might live soon, because they are thinking about moving her there. Apparently it was very successful and Nan loved it! Great!

And Greg, he booked our accommodation for Canberra, yeah! Here we come – Canberra! I can't wait, I am soo excited! It is so great, that my family takes me to so many different places so I can see so many things! Thank you very, very much!

And because we might also leave on Friday instead of Saturday, we have to clean and tidy up the house now. I started straight after Bec and Stacy left and did some washing, hung it up, did the next one.. and between I tidied up my room and the lunch room, Yeah, as you can see I am very excited!

We, Dec 31
Last day in this year! Incredible, ins't it? 
In the Morning I got up earlier than all the other to go for a walk or jog. In the end I only walked because I talked to my family who are skiing in the moment and especially to my dad- thanks to the time difference it was still his birthday :)

After this we had breakfast and watched High School Musical, which I had never seen, now I can say I have seen it!! Yeah!

We actually spend the whole day at home but because of New Year we went to Gosford Waterfront where we had Fish and Chips for Dinner, went on some rides at the carnival – Em and I went on Dodgems cars and then Em went on the Swinging Chairs, Jumping Castle and 1 other ride. I thought the were a bit expensive, thats why I didn't go on many rides. But I still had a nice time. 

In the car on the way to Gosford :)
Fish and Chips

Dogem Cars :)


I met Rachel a girl from Year 11 who went on the Duke of Ed and she is very nice! And then when we were getting our Fish and Chips I finally met Sophie, Emily and Bec. Sophie is leaving for Canada next week and unfortunately I cant go to her little BBQ party on friday so I had to say Bye to her. I also made her a little card, Canada and Australia :)
We spent about 45 min together and then they had to leave because they went on Bec's Boat to watch the 9pm fireworks from there :) But before they left we took a photo of us with my Polaroid Camera, well Robyn took it and it is really good!!

Smile! Groupphoto :)

We watched the 9 o'clock fireworks, which were nice and then went home to watch the big ones – the Sydney ones on TV. But before we had a little, little Streetparty, we were about 10 people and just before midnight we counted: “10, 9, 8, 7,6 5, 4, 3, 2, ONE – HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
Nan watching the fireworks from her Unit - great view isn't it?

9 pm fireworks

Sydney ones :)

That was soo good!

And we also took a family photo on my polaroid :)

Another Polaroid photo with frame Oo :)

EM and I were really tired, so we went to bed soon after watching the Sydney fireworks, which were incredible!


Thur, Dec 1 2015

I cant believe it is already 2015!! The old year went sooo quick, really quick, I mean it seems like yesterday that I arrived here and not 5 ½ Months! This year has been an incredible year, one of the best ones in my life so far and I can't wait for the next to start! It actually already has :)

So Let's go 2015 – for another great year!!

I want to thank you all the people that helped and supported me to make the last year this fantastic and wonderful Year it was- my Mum and Dad and two brothers Alex and Philipp at home, who are just fantastic! I love you soo much! You supported me so much before I left home to come here – which I can proudly say is my SECOND home now – I know I sometimes was a bit to focused on my exchange program and forgot to spend more time with you, which I honestly regret and who are always there for me now when I have any problems or feel homesick here! You don't know how much I appreciate all you do for me!
Then there is also my Aussie -Family here, my second family! It is amazing how lovely you received me, even though you did not know me, but I felt so loved and happy from the first moment and you are so opened and interested to everything and also how easily you included me into your big great family!! I am so thankful for everything you do for me every day, treating me like your second daughter or older sister :)I love to play games, watch movies, go in the Pool have Bacon and Egg for breakfast- yeah! It is also fantastic that you are showing me so many of this amazing country, we already went to the Hunter Valley and Hawks Nest and going to Canberra and Snowy Mountains tomorrow (I cant wait!!) and then to the Gold Coast in April! :)

I cant forget my new and old friends who are so great and I am so happy to have both of you! I have so much fun with you and I cant wait to spend more time going to the beach, shopping, movies or just realax, hahaa :) And to my “oldies” I am coming back – sooner than I want to – but until then we have to continue to text and am always so happy when I get messages and I am really sorry when I don't replay immediately but sometimes I just want to spend time with my family or friends here – and I come home it os going to be the same, first you then messages :) I hope you understand this! But it doesn't mean you aren't important or something like this, because that is NOT true!!!

There are so many people at home and I met who I want to thank you for, but it is just impossible to mention you all! But I want to mention my grandparent Opa and Hede and Omi, who are sending me these lovely Emails and Cards and even packages, that is great!
So thank you everybody!! And Now, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


We had a big sleep in today, because of New Year yesterday! :)

Until about 10am. We went straight into the Pool to wake completely up and that was so good! It is a really hot day today, more than 30 and so also put the air-conditioning on. Because we are going to leave tomorrow to go to Canberra, we had to tidy up the house and my job was to vacuum the house. After that, I was so hot that I jumped in the Pool again! It is great to have a Pool :)

In the afternoon, it was 7pm, it was finally New Year in Canada as well. So Happy New Year to my best friend who is Canada at the moment! We were sending us voicemessages and laughing about our accents, hahaha :) We apparently say “YeA” instead of “YeR”

And then we had Tacos fpr Dinner – I love them!

Fr, Jan 2nd

We had horrible, really really terrible thunder and lightening today in the morning – morning mornign, at about 1am. Em first went to Greg and Robyns bed and I stayed in mine- I dont know why, I was soo scared the whole time and could not movoe! It was terribel! Usually I am not scared of thunder, never, but this was just another level! And then when it was over Em came to sleep with me :)

In the morning about 8.15 it was nice again and so I could go for a walk. While I was walking I was talking to Hühnchen my best friend (Canada) again and hahaha, we are going to make an Aussie and Canadian English Challenge, hahah :)

After having breakfast and a shower we had to pack for Canberra, yeah! And as always, I dont have enough room! I hate this!

So, that's it :) One of my first post in english – actually I think it is the second one :)

Here a photo of my family who are skiing at the moment :) Love you so much!!

Happy New Year!

Love, Sophi

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