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#62 School again – I am a Senior girl now!! :) My first haircut in Australia, an excursion on the second day back at school, christmas presents from my mum and dad and more than 200 days! Oo :)

Hey Guys,

this week was a very special one. Do you know why? There are a couple of reasons.
First one is that school started on Wednesday and I am a Senior girl now, hahaha :)) A big girl with a different school uniform who has only 6 subject now :) But to get more information you have to read further down :P
Another reason is that it was 200 days on Wednesday. Incredible isn't it? Time goes so fast, so so fast!

But now it is time to read my review for you :)


Tue, January 27th

Do you know what?! 
I went for a walk today in the morning again! That was soo good! I couldn't set my alarm, because Em was sleeping with me and I would have woken her up, so when I woke up I looked on my and it was only 6am … so I laid awake until 6.30 and decided that I want to go for a walk now and it had just stopped raining – so perfect! It was so nice and peaceful and I heard all the bird singing :)
I went to the light near my school – where I have to go tomorrow again, but that is a different topic.. - and back which was a bout an one hour walk. :) when I came home Greg was awake and having breakfast. I did some more sit-ups and my 7 min workout on my phone :) Good day, I know ! ;)

After having a nice long shower I had breakfast a well and Em, Robyn and Nan woke up a little while after as well. It was raining again and really heavy so Nan had to stay a bit longer until about 1pm. I went with Robyn in the car and she dropped me at Gosford shopping centre, where I had a look in Aldo to see if they had any cheap Australia day stuff and I got thongs for $1.30, pretty good isn't it? :) I was talking to Makayla on my phone the whole time and people were looking a but funny at me, hahah :) I had some time left and didn't know what to do and so I went to Bakers delight and I was lucky Emily was working. :)) So I was talking to Emily a bit and she gave me a free Cheesemite scroll – thanks heaps!!
And did you know what, Cheesemite scroll was invented in 1994 ;) I learnt it today, hahah, it was on the back on the paperbag.. haha :)) I can't believe that I like Vegemite and Cheesemite scrolls, I am turning into an Aussie! Oo :)

Em went to her best friends house, Emily, and came back at around 4pm.

After we came back I did some folding up and wrote a little bit or a lot for my blog, hahah :)

And yes, tomorrow is school again, a new year!! year 11!! Oo Today we were able to look at our new timetables online, but mine is a bit confusing.. I think there are some things wrong.. I'll have to talk to the teachers tomorrow.
I also got a hair cut today, my first one here in Australia Oo, but don't expect too much, I just trimmed it a tiny little bit, because I want long long hair :))
When we came home I did some more work on my blog, haha and then decided to bake some bread. Yep, you got it right, I made some bread, haha :) I did it twice before and it was really nice – it is an kind of “Vollkornbrot”, a wholemeal flour bread with lots of seeds in it – yum!


And I also decided that I want to take a quinoa, avocado, tomato spinach salad for lunch tomorrow and did this :) And then I cooked dinner, well kind of put the beer battered fish in the oven and did the salads- one for me and Robyn and a different one for Greg and Em.Yes, lots of cooking! And in the main time Robyn sewed my skirt for school tomorrow because it is way to big, haha :)

I went to bed early because I did not want to be tired for tomorrow – the first day of school! I was feeling a bit sad when I went to bed, but I think it was just one of this short downs I sometimes have..

Mo, January 28th

I am a Senior Girl now!!

Haha, yes! As you probably now know – today was the first day of this new school year! I am year 11 now, which means that I am a senior now, haha! And that means new uniform and stuff :)
SENIOR!! Omg, the shirt is so big! Oo

I got up pretty early today – first day excitement, haha :) I was really keen to walk to school, but unfortunately it was raining really heavy and so I was driven to school. Today only year 7 and 11 and 12 had to come to school, so it was pretty empty.. Year 8, 9 and 10 have on e more day of holidays, not fair! Why? I think it is because it is something new for year 7 and 11 and so we get a chance to get used to it..

It was so nice to see al my friends again and everybody kept hugging everybody, hahah. :) IT is so weird to see everybody in the senior uniform, we look so old, haha :) 

We had to go to the common room, where we had kind of a workshop the whole day. We learnt about the Atar system, why year 11 is so important, some study tips, ect. It was interesting but a little bit boring as well. At recess Felicity and I went to see Mr Kellerman who is responsible for the subject-selection, because I had line 6 free. I now have Business studies, English, Maths Advanced and Extension, Chemistry, Hospitality and SLR (Sport). I am pretty happy with my subjects. :)
Last period after lunch was our first lesson of year 11. I had Hospitality which I was really excited about and it was one of the subjects I as looking forward the most to.. But to be honest I was a bit disappointed, because we are not going to cook until week 7 and it doesn't sound that good and is pretty expensive.. So I am now thinking about swapping to Food tech, which I had last year and it was great! :) Haha – and here a tip for future exchange students: As you can see, it is always better to not have any expectations and get positively surprised rather than be disappointed.. but hospitality is not that bad, I think it just is not perfect for just one term..

After school, when I was leaving school, I met Mrs Heaps, Mrs Bennett and Mr Angel and was talking to them a little bit, so I was a bit late when I arrived at Ems school Oo... She also got her new class and is very happy, which is great! Her best friend Emily is in her class again! :)

Because we are year 11 now, we get some free periods, we finish at 12.10pm on tuesday -hehe – and we also have our own toilets, only for year 11 and 12, which are a little bit nicer and have soap, paper towel and a mirror, haha ;))

Back at home there was a great surprise waiting for me, actually all of us!

There a pick package from home!!

thanks mani and papi!! Your are the best! :*

Love all the presents!! *-*

IT was the package my mum and dad had sent for christmas! Yep, so you'll probably think, a bit late now, more than one month after christmas.. But they had sent it on December 12th and it just hadn't arrived.. we all thought it was lost and gone forever, but luckily not!! I was sooo happy when we got it and opened it!

New shirt - very pretty :)

There was some Lindt Chocolate for Greg and Robyn and a card, a nice bag and beautiful owl for Em and two very pretty shirts, a little wonderful angel and a little Key ring which is a photo key ring for me – very, very nice! And two lovely cards -from Alex and Mami and Papi! Everybody was so happy, thank you soo much!! And some Rittersport chocolate ;) You are the best mami and papi and Alex and Philipp!!! I love you so much <3 <3

I also had band again today in the afternoon, which was very funny as well.

What a great day today!! It was fantastic! It was not worth being sad yesterday, but after every down there is an even bigger up!

Thur, January 29th

I went a marine Studies excursion today, which was pretty funny. :) We had to go to Roll Call as normal and we then met at the bus station where Ms Mathewson had organised a little bus and she drove it, haha :) We went to Gosford Pool where we had to swim different tasks and do you know what? Everybody passed! Some of us needed a second or third chance but everypody passes, but to be honest it was pretty easy! We had to swim 400m, dive 10m long, 25m long with 3 times to take air and stuff like this, not too hard. :) We finished at around 12 o'clock and we had Fish and Chips for lunch- well I forgot my money, hahah, so I didn't. But that was allright, because I had lots of fish and chips in the last few days and I didn't want to spend more money.. But I got some chips from Taylah which was very nice!

The Gosford Wetland :)

We came back to our school at about 1.10pm which was exactly the start of lunch, but it took me a while until I could find my friends in the senior area and I even had to call them,haha :) For the last period I had chemistry which was awesome, I love it!! We got some information about the subject and then started doing some group work, which we are going to continue tomorrow.

Because of the excursion today, I missed four other classes and I don't think that is so good, but I cant change it, so suck it up princess! I missed SLR (we are going to do a BEEP test tomorrow Oo I 've heard terrible things about this!), English (I am not sure if I am advanced or standart), Maths (we are only 7 students :)) and twice a week Wednesday and Thursday we start at 7:30 Oo) and Hospitality which I have no idea what they did...

After school I did some schoolwork for chemistry and wrote an Essay for my grandpa about the confirmation and why I want to do it (“Firmung”).

We had tacos for dinner which was very good, as always :)) I LOVE TACOS!!

Fr, January 30th

Today was a very, vey nice and warm day. But when I walked to school in the morning it was still pretty cold and I regretted it a bit that I didn't bring my jumpa.. But it got warmer over the day.. slowly but it did ;)
I met Lucy again on the way and we walked together to school, she is year 9 and very nice!

Today was my first real school day, because on Wednesday we had more like a workshop day and yesterday I was on Excursion. 
It was a great day and I am actually really happy that school is back, because it is just so nice to spend time with my friends and stuff.. Even though we get so much homework now in year 11, it is very different to year 10!! Everything is so serious because it counts for the HSI (Abitur) now.

I had English (advanced :) ), Business students, Chemistry, SLR and a free period today. In the free period I managed to change from Hospitality to Food tec, which is great and I am really, really happy now! I am siting next to Makayla which is even better!! :)

I am sitting next to Ebony in English and Business studies and it seems like that is going to be very good! We are reading a novel called “the day of triffids” in english and it is the the same teacher as I had last year, which I am really happy about! 
Business studies seems to be hard, that is was our teacher says, but I think it is very good for the future and sounds interesting so I am glad I picked it!
In Chemistry we finished or continued our experiment we started yesterday. I think we – Will, Miles and me – did a good job, well I hope so. :) But we'll see it on monday.

In SLR which is Sport we are doing Fitness for this term and did the BEEP test today. I am not sure if you w´know what it is, here is an explanation. :) I got 7.1 which was pretty good I think, only one girl was better and she got 7.3. :PP

The beep test, also known as the bleep test, multi-stage fitness test, or shuttle run test, is used by sports coaches and trainers to estimate an athlete's maximum oxygen uptake better known as VO2 Max. The beep test is especially useful for players of sports like football, hockey, or rugby. The beep test involves running continuously between two points that are 20 meters apart (also found in 15 meters). These runs are synchronised with a pre-recorded audio tape, CD or laptop which plays beeps at set intervals. As the beep test proceeds, the interval between each successive beep reduces, forcing the athlete to increase velocity over the course of the beep test, until it is impossible to keep in sync with the recording.

We had swimming today as well but it was our last lesson on a friday because we are moving to a thursday at 3.30, because I am moving up classes :P I really, really liked my class and especially my teacher, but I want get better, so that's all right. :)

And what do you think did we had for dinner? Salmon and Salad, yeah!!! That is my absolute favourite dinner, hahah :)

Sa, January 31st

After having breakfast I continued doing some homework.. yes, we actually get homework now and year 11 is so much harder now! Lots of homework, haha :) And I can tell this after only 3 days Oo But that's all right, I like studying and I am used to it from Germany, so no probs for me :)

After a while I went down to the pool to read a little bit and tan myself, hahah :)
When I cane back up Em and I had some lunch and then went for a bike ride to Bilo, where I wanted to post some postcards, but the Newsagent was closed already.. Well, I am unlucky haha.. But we still had something to do. We bought some apples for Robyn who is going to do a 28 juice fast, so only juicing for 28 days!!!
It was very hot today, okay not that hot.. but yes, kind of hot and we got really warm and sweaty riding our bikes so we decided to jump into the pool at home :)
We practised our under-watershow and Em shoed me different starts ( how to dive – there are 3 different options) and the different tumble turns for Breaststroke and Freestyle.

At around 5pm we went outside to catch up with our neighbours Dean and Lorraine and their two kids Jack and Luke. We stayed there until around 8 pm and it was very nice!

The sunset was just zoo beautiful!!! Really really nice!

WoW, the Colours!!

And the moon was out as well :)

Su, February 1st
Pinch and a punch for the first of the months, slap on the bag and you can't get me back.
That's what Em always says at the first of the months :)

I stayed in bed pretty long today, and one reason was that I could not stop thinking about my earphones.. I could't find them yesterday and I just can't remember where I put them.. I hope they are somewhere at home and I didn't loose them.. But I search d everywhere and we all couldn't find them :(
Well, I had to get up anyway so I got up, had some breakfast and did some of my food tech homework. We had to write down exactly what we ate for one day (grams, calories,..) and then compare to our nutrients and energy needs and see if it is to much or little.. and then write and short essay about it.. I wrote about 1.5 pages.. :) It was pretty hard to write down exactly what I ate but very good to see it!

At around 12 o'clock we had some friends coming for lunch - John and Debbie and John Dad. John and Greg have been friends since they were 5 years and they are still very good friends.! Tehy all three are so nice! Em and I made a potato bake and I made a garden salad, while greg cooked some snags and stakes on the BBQ. But we didn't have lunch until 2.30pm because we were busy talking and eating our cheese and bikies.
It was a very nice lunch and I had heard so many stories about John and it was very nice to meet him and his wife and dad, who Greg calls Uncle. :)

Here is a photo of lisarow plaza - i thought i might just take a photo so you can see where all our shops are :)
And this is a photo of the news paper - it is thrown out of a car window :) very funny!

So, this was my week-review for now :) I am really enjoying school at the moment and happy to go back tomorrow.. but who know how it will be in a few weeks, haha :)

Love you heaps, 

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