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#66 Week 34 School photos, less than two months and Autumn...

Hey guys

this time the post will hopefully be on time and not the week later :P

Su, March 1st

Nooo!!! Summer is over! Today is the first day of autumn... :( I cant believe SUMMER IS OVER!!! But it is supposed to a very warm autumn, yeah! Summer apparently was really warm this year – the average temperature and lots of days were over 20 degrees even at night! But we didn't have really hot days here this year, which everybody says is good, I would have liked then though, haha ;)

But yeah. We all slept until about 9am today and went to Newcastle at around lunchtime. I thought we would go earlier but yeah.. We left at quarter to twelve and it was so HOT when we left. Around 30 degrees and the top was 34 or so. We drove through Swansea and saw really nice – beautiful – beaches on the way!!! :) We had lunch at a restaurant right at the beach at Merewether. So beautiful! I think the beach was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! I had a delicious salad with prawns for lunch *-*

My salad!! :)

What an amazing beach *-*



Surfing Competition
We stayed there until around 3pm and drove then to Newcastle. After a while Em and I realised that there was a surf competition on and it was so much like the competition in the movie “Soul surfer”, well to me, haha :) I felt like I was in the movie. All the young kids surfing and hearing the beep sound and yeah :) But it was getting darker and darker and we could see the storm clouds coming so we didn't go out and just drove around a little bit and then came back home at round 5pm. It had been raining here at Lisarow, but fortunately the towels I had hung out before we left were dry! ;)

Newcastle :)

It was a very nice day and I loved it, especially the beach!!!

Mo, March 2nd
When I got up today in the morning it was really nice and sunny morning but it got pretty cold school today, haha. In SLR our teacher was't here so we got a casual teacher and played Basketball and soccer instead of running – pretty good I reckon :) Mrs Heaps asked me today if I want to be a score keeper for the game on Wednesday, really cool! I hope I can do this! It would be really cool, but I would miss

After school back at home I did some homework and then I got a message from Makayla asking me if I want to come to pizza in tonight for dinner. What a question – of course! And thankfully Greg and Robyn said yes – they are the best parents!!!:)
Greg drove me to Clarinet Lessons as usual and on the way home he dropped me at Makayla's house where we – Makayla, Hannah and I, waited until her parents came home to go to the restaurant :) It was really, really good! Ot was “all you can eat pizza” and they were coming around offering us different pizzas – from Cheese pizza with and without garlic, chicken, Australia pizza (bacon and egg), meat-lovers.. everything! And even dessert pizza!! This is a nougat base with custard and icing sugar, haha, taste like a thick crepe, really good, but I was so full, so I just tried a little bit :) 

Dessert piza :)

Some other pizza ;)
we drove back home to Makayla's house and then a little bit later when Makayla's mum came back they took me home and Makayla was driving, hahah, so cool! :) She told me about “revenge” a tv series, which is supposed to be really good! Thats wheat robyn says as well :) So cool, it is on Monday, but we are taping it and i'll watch it tomorrow or so :)

Tue, March 3rd

Tuesday means “three periods tuesday” yeah! :) So I had English, Business and SLR (sport) today. We did some writing work in english, which is now getting pretty similar to what we were doing back at home in Germany last year – analysing and interpreting texts. Our teacher wasn't there again in SLR and we had another teacher instead and played basketball and some different games with the basketball :)
After school me and my friends went down to Maccas but I didn't stay very long, because I had some stuff to do for this afternoon and I don't get anything to eat and yeah..
Back at home I facetimed with my best friend Sophia Marie in Canada ( heyy :) ) whci was awesome!!! <3 <3 :* I miss you so much! But facetime is great!! And then did some homework and especially packed my parcel I am going to send home soon with some stuff like books and the junior uniform and stuff.. I have to hurry up because it takes like 4 months or so..

I also cooked dinner – spagehtti carbonara – because that's wahat Robyn said yesterday if I go out I have to cook dinner hahha ;)

Wed, March 4th
I could sleep “longer” today, because I didn't go to Extension in the morning. Why? Mrs Heaps asked me on Monday if I would like to be the scorer for a netball game today and I said yes of course. I was going to try out for the team, but Mrs Heaps said, they only take people who have played for ages but she remembered that me and this is very nice! So yeah, first 2 periods I was the scorer. Sarah made it into the team and so she picked me up halfway in the morning, which was very nice! Our School played against Gosford high and unfortunately we lost by 3 points.. Really sad, but they played really well!!! It was so nice from Mrs Heaps to ask me if I want to score and it was so good to see a whole netball game and how it works – competition and stuff :)

We came back to school at 10.40, for recess. Next was SLR where we did some power Yoga again – I really like yoga actually, it is really fun!!! :)
Next Chemistry where we did a prac which was good, haha, but I was getting so tired.. We compared the properties of a compound to the ones of its elements to see if they are similar or different – we found out: totally different! We used Magnesium oxide, Magnesium and Oxygen and it was a good experiment!

Last period was food tech, were we did some work and watched a short video.
It was a bit rainy and overcast in the morning but after school it was realy hot and humid and kind of weather where you don't want to walk a lot, haha. Well luckily I only had to walk to Ems school and then Greg came to pick us up :)

I almost finished packing my parcel to send home, I did the vacuum bag thing, I put my old uniform and 2 beanie bears in it and now I just need to push it down and tape the box. I really oped to send it away today, but Greg couldn't drive me to the post office, so I hope we can do it on Friday at the latest! Because it still takes like 3 or 4 months, which would be June or July.. I should have done it earlier, but well, can't change it anymore..

In the evening there was a meeting at Lisarow High School for the year 6 parents and so greg and Robyn went there. I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to band, but luckily I did! Greg came home at around 6.40pm and drove me there and so I still had about an hour of band – yeah!! :)

Thur, March 5th
Today in the morning I had Maths extension again and it was really dark when I got up and really foggy – but nice foggy – when I walked to school. I have to say I love maths extension, it gives the day something very interesting and special and it makes the week go faster, haha :)

Selfie at school :)

In Chemistry we got our results of our test back – It was just a small in class test and we actually had seen the whole test (it was a worksheet) before and we knew it would be exactly this sheet – and I got 41/41!!!! :D Soo cool! I think I was the only one who got it all right, really proud! :)) Chemistry is soo good! :)
I also got a note for a basketball game where I could go and be manager but unfortunately it is the same day as the “Crossroad excursion” which is a bout road safety and compulsory, so I am going there. I could choose, but I think Cross road is probably more important. Bad luck. :/
After school I had to stay because we had our first soccer training, really cool! Makayla is also in the soccer team which is AWESOME!!! :) We trained after school from 2.40pm till 3.25 or so and we had a like short game the open soccer team (me) against the under 15 years team. I played on the right midfield. But unfortunately it wasn't as good as I thought and to be honest my soccer skills are pretty bad :// But Sir said it was allright and he put me on the right defence in the team formation.
We are probably going to have our first game the following tuesday Oo... But I should be fine! Makayla and I said we are going to meet to train to improv our soccer skills. :)
Greg picked me up straight from school, because we had swimming on 3.30pm and we were a little bit late (my fault), but just a tiny little bit. Swimming was very good I am noticing how I am getting better and slowly picking up how to do the butterfly.

Back at home I did some homework – Maths and Business which I missed on Tuesday to catch up again.

Fr, March 6th

Today was photo day! :) We all got a photo taken for the student ID card and also for us, if you buy them. We had to go to the hall in period two and then sit in our classes we had for this period (Business in my case) and then we got our photo taken in front of a blue background. They don’t take a year photo, just a photo of yourself. We were not allowed to wear earrings, necklaces and had to roll our sleeves down, haha. It was pretty interesting though. It is very very expensive to buy the photos, but I really want some, especially because you also get a book with a photo of everybody in your year which is great. They start from 30 Dollars and I got the second package for 37 which had also one big photo of me and some small ones for the purse or so. I really hope they arrive before I leave, but it takes about 8 weeks, it will be ver close. But my teacher said he will send them to me anyway ;)

Last period we had Food technology and we did this really good pasta bake with bacon, carrots and zucchini. We didn’t have enough time to bake in the oven and Miss said we could do it at home, but Makayla and I just ate it without baking and it was really good. We had cooked the bacon and stuff before, so all good! :)

Our Pasta bake :)
We are going to have our first soccer competition next tuesday and so Makayla and I decided we need to train! After school at like 4pm we met at the oval at school and stayed there until like 6pm or os and trained. Ben came a bit later as well and it was pretty good! We did some passing and stuff :)

Having fun :)

Greg picked me up at 6pm because he went to Bilo to get some Salmon for dinner and yeah :)
Back at home I played my clarinet a little bit and then cooked dinner :) Salmon and Chips/salad :) really yum, I love it!

Sat, March 7th

We all had a sleep in today and we didn’t really do much in the morning, haha. I started coping stuff from my laptop onto DVDs because iy laptop is so full and I need more space! This took me very long and I still hadn't finish at the end of the day. Em had a birthday party at 1pm and Robyn took her there and then went to see Nan with her sister Debbie. Because nan is moving into a retirement I
village soon – at the beginning of April – they are starting to pack everything up and today they worked in the store room. She came home at 7pm and was very tired!! Understandable! Em came home after the birthday with her friend Emily who stayed until 7.30 or so.
I didn't have anything planned and was actually kind of upset and bored t have a fully free weekend but I did lots of stuff like homework and then around 2pm Makayla texted me if I want to go down to the soccer field to watch a game. I asked Greg and he said it is okay, and I went of course!! We met there art around 3.45 and the game started at 4pm. Some boys from school were playing and we watched almost the whole game. We left a little bit earlier and came home to my house. Makayla stayed until around 9 or 10pm because her parents had a BBQ party and picked her up on the way home. We had a great time watching the soccer game and then talking, talking, talking at home. :) Makayla you are the best!!! I showed her my Scap book I have done about my time here in Australia with all the photos and memories and I also told her bout my “Abschiedsbuch” which is a book where all my friends wrote in before I left I read in in the plane on my way here and loved the idea of it. I actually was thinking about it here as well a couple of nights before and she convinced me to do it and she said she is going to take care of it! This is so nice and beautiful and if you read this, you don’t know how happy this made me and how much this means to me!! You are such an amazing friend Makayla, thank you so much! <3 It is so great to have a such good and fantastic friend and we can just talk about EVERYTHING and I trust her, it is so nice!! :) I am actually getting very emotional now, that's how happy I am! And when we were looking at all my memories we both became very sad and had even tears in our eyes..
Okay thats enough now, haha :) I just want to say thank you for being such an amazing friend Makayla!!!

We – everybody Em, Greg, Robyn, Makayla and me - watched Mrs Doughtfire and we had our little party Cheese and bikkis for dinner. Well Makayla and I made us some toasties :) They were actually really good! :)

After Makaylas mum came to pick her up, Robyn and me had a very deep mother daugher talk, haha, until midnight or so :) But very good!

Su, March 8th
We had another sleep in today and watched some of Ems baby videos from when she was born, her first birthday and yeah, really cute! :) I continued copying stuff onto the DVDs, did some more of my food tech assignment and yeah. I also helped Robyn with some washing and folding up, while watching a movie, haha :))

In the afternoon at around 4pm I facetimed my best friend Sophia Marie and we talked for ages, it was soo nice! Cant wait to see you when you come back in August!! <3 Best are the best and one of the most important things in your life! I am actually really really glad and thankful for my amazing friends, especially you! :*

Hahaha, your face!! :) <3
Around 8pm I got a call from Germany and it was from my mum's very good friend Anita. I couldn’t believe it was her at the beginning and it was so nice to talk to her! She is going to be my “Firmpatin” for my confirmation which i'll do when I come home. :)

Mo, March 9th
School again after a very nice weekend. I don’t know why but I didn’t hear my alarm again and got up about 15 min late, but thats no too bad :)
Monday Week A is always a goo day, probably my favourite and sit was a good day today again. :) We got the date for our Chemistry test, okay thats not that good, but the rest of chemistry was great :) and in english, which was last, we got our Assigment Essay back and I actually didn’t expect a good mark, because I ran out of time and yeah.. it wasn't very good. But I was very surprised I got 12/15 and only 3 people were better in my class. Pretty proud haha :)

After school, we did some homework at home and around 4pm Greg took me and Em down to the post office and I could finally post my parcel to send home to Germany with some memories and my old uniform and of course a couple of packets of tim tams as well :) It was 11.2 kg , thats a lot, but it is going to be the only parcel I sent home and I am very glad I sent it because I will never be able to take everything home, but at least some memories will be at home for sure! It is going to take about 3 or 4 months, but it doesn’t matter!
We are having a soccer game tomorrow, which I am really excited about, but the problem was I didn’t have proper soccer boots but luckily Greg and Robyn called some friends and when we came home they were on the door, thank you!!

Love you lots,

Sophi xxx

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