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# 68 Week 36 Year 7 camp and just amazing week!!

Hey guys, 

this week has been so GOOD! I cant describe how, but just amazing! SO many little and also big things happened and every day is just getting better and better!!!! And my friends are so lovely, just great! I know, sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? :)
So if you want to know, why and what was so good, grab something to eat and start reading :)
I hope you know that even if I am really really happy here and it is going great and i'd love stay here longer or sometimes forever, haha, I AM coming home and is is pretty soon actually – to soon.. :/ But I cant wait to see you all and hug you and yeah :)

Tu, March 17th
Today was another great day! It was pretty cold in the morning, snapchat said only 11 degrees Oo

I walked to school with Lucy and she took a photo of me on the way so I could send it to my mum and dad :)

Me in my uniform :)

At school, we only had three periods, because it is short tuesday once again ;) I had english, Business and SLR. And between year Assembly where MRs Heaps gave me my special CC – my level 6 cc :)
After school Eb dogs, Mikki, Ben and me went down to Maccas and we stayed there talking until about 1.20pm or so. It was really, really nice and I once again noticed how great and awesome and wonderful my friends are – especially those three :) <3
But it was so sad also because Eb and Mikki were looking at my memory book and there were almost crying, this is so sad! Don’t think about this yet, girls! I love you so much!! <3 You are the best friends!

Back at home I had some lunch – Quinoa salad – delicious :) (Recipe) and while I was eating I facetimed Sophia marie :) It was great, you are an awesome friends as well, of course! 

hahaha :)

After this I had to study business and it actually was really cold today the whole day and so I made my self some tea which was really nice :)

I did dinner tonight – tuesday dinner haha – and it was tacos, yum! :)


I <3 tacos! :)
We, March 18th
OMG, what amazing day today again! This week has been so good so far – incredibly good!
Everything here feels so normal and like I have been here since ever! I can't believe how good it is! :)
I had early maths lessons today again and on the way to school I talked to my mum and dad on the phone which was amazing start for the day!
Amths in the morning is always awesome I don’t need to say anything else, haha :)
First period I had Business studies and Ebony (one of my two best friends) sits next to me, so Business is just really good! We have our exam tomorrow and sir had to teach us a llt of content still so he was a bit stressed.
I am not going to be at school tomorrow, beause Makayla and I we are going to the year 7 camp, yeah! :) So I have to do it onFriday.. Well I could chose if I want to do it and I said yes.. Why? Becuase I spend a lot of my time studxing for this exam..
In the end of the period I got a note from Mrs Bennet (deputy principal) that she wants to see me immediately and I thought it was a bout the camp and so I didn’t go immediately but after lessons liek5 or 10 min later.
But it wasnt about camp!
There are a new girl coming to our school – Robin. She moved here from South Africa and Mrs Bennett wants me, Makayla and Eb to be her buddies. She was so shy and scared and I could so much imagine how she was feeling and it felt like I had to the same again (first day at school.. ) But she is so nice, it is going to be great!
Because we were talking for alittle bit I was late to Maths, but its okay, because we got a note, so the teacher knew we were at the deputy pricipal.
It feels so weird not to be the “new” girl anymore and I actually really feel like the old girl, who always wen tot lisarow high school and it feels so good, haha :)
Recess was really really good today, we were sitting at the top with the big group and just os much fun!
Eb, Makayla and Ben already started thinking what to write in my book and this makes so sad, but on the other side also really really happy – you three are the best !!! <3 Thank you guys!
Next period was SLR where we played some basketball and stuff and Makayla and I were talking about Robin and the camp tomorrow :)
Next period chemistry and we did an experiment about Metals which was really cool!
Sophie, Me and Bec :)
Lunch was awesome as well and last period food tech of course too! We did some revision but she already gave us the recipe for our prac on friday and we are cooking some orange, passion fruit cupcakes – yum!

Makayla was cooking her assignment dish today and so after food tec I talked t her for a little bit and then had to run to Ems school to be on time, haha, I dint make it exactly was about 5 min late or so. :P

After school I first packed my bag for tomorrow with towels, clothes to get changes, another pair of shoes (for mud world) and swimmers and stuff, then did some maths homework – I am missing 2 periods tomorrow :'( and then called Robin, the new girl. I was atcually scared, because I am not a great phone talker, but I new it is always better to already know someone when you are new and Mrs Bennet asked me to call her. We talked for like 30 or 40 min and she is so super cute! I cant wait to see her on friday!

My dinner was my typical vegemite and avocado toasts and tehn at 6.30 band :) We were two clarinets and 4 saxophones, haha, but still awesome! We started playing uptown funk, I am sure you know the song and i'll try to record it next time! :)

Band view :)

After this I had to study some business and stayed awake until lie 10pm or so..

Thu, March 19th
Camp today!
And for this I had to get up at 5.45 and because sometimes my alarm doesn’t want to work I put myself 4 alarms, haha :)
I had breakfast very quiet in the morning and I left home at around 6.45 or so. It was so nice and peaceful in the morning, really nice! I took a photo on the way, just couldn’t help me, I had to do it

I got some voice messages from my friends in Germany and I was listening to them on the way and they told me about the “Sonnenfinsternis” (idk what it is in english) on friday, it sounds really cool! Of course it has to be when I am away! ;) Just kidding! Enjoy it guys, thats only once in your lifes probs.!
I got to the train station just after Makayla so perfect timing. We bought our tickets and had only to wait around 5 min or so for the train which came at 7.20.
We had to get off the train in Wyong because some other train broke down or so and we had to wait 30 min for the next one..unfortunate, but it could be worse! So yeah, we had our big backpacks and were waiting with all the school kids, ahha. We go the train in the end and got to Morisset half an hour later that we planned. Mr Rumpler was waiting for us and he took us to the camp, where we went straight to our first activity – mud world! 
Haha, I don’t know if you know what this is, but is was lie four or five wholes of mud and water – like really muddy and stuff! IT was a like course and you had to clim over stuff and slide down slides into the mud – really funny! I never thought we would do it, but it was hilarious! Best time ever! We were really really muddy, like covered in mud and the instructor was so funny! 
We took a photo in the end with mr rumpler:

Sir, Makayla and me :)
Because we finished a bit earlier and Makayla and I could pretty much do or join any group we decided to do high ropes, which is like “Kletterwald” or “treetops” here we had 30 min to have a shower and wash the mud of, which was very necessary, haha! IT was really gross, but just so much fun! We were both so glad, that we did it!

High ropes was really good as well, I love to clim trees and yeah, so pretty awesome! The flying fox was really good!

Selfie time :)

Next was lunch time and we had sandwiches for lunch and Makayla and I got free milkshakes and she got some ice cream. :) Bonus, haha :)

After lunch we did Orienteering which was walking around a looking for gnomes and the group ho found the most won – us, haha :)
It was pretty hot though to walk around in the sun and so the next activity – canoeing – was perfect!

Makayla :)
Year 7 camp Is really really good, it is amazing!! So much fun! It was so funny, we got asked so many times “What school do you go to” when we said lisarow high – same as you – they thought we were new students from year 7! Terrible! They didn’t believe us, we were year 11! it was funny at the beginning got a bit annying though, haha.

Dinner was some chicken, garlic bread, and corn and peas – really good for camp food. OMG, they fed us so much, we were so full! We also got morning tea and afternoon tea between the activities!

Dinner :)
After dinner it was game time! We played Comando which is a really good game! All the teachers and instructors against the students. IT was outside in the bush and it got dark pretty quick and it is like a hiding game against the teachers, so funny! We also had a camp fire, really nice!

It was an amazing day and I am really really thankful to the school that they invited me come and take a friend with me – an awesome day!

MRs Bennett took us home at around 9pm or so and the first I did at home was having a shower, haha :) I studied a little bit of business for my exam tomorrow and went to bed as soon as possible around 10.30 or so. So tired, but it was great! We even saw the southern cross on the way home :) IT is so funny how you are kind of friends with the teachers here – mrs bennet is the deputy pricipal and we were talking like to a friends mum or so :)

Fr, March 20th
OMG, I was so tired today! Really, really tired. And because of this I my mood wasn't as good as usual and I was a little bit cranky.. I was also a bit stressed out because of the business test and I studied a bit in the morning before I got out of bed. I left a bit earlier today in the morning like 5 min or so and I met Eb dogs at the train station and we walked to school together, where we met Makayla and Hannah (her sister) and Robin, the south african girl. Tehy picked her up in the morning and walked to school together.
Robin is so nice, she is really really nice!
We first went to the office to get a sheet to sign her in her classes and after roll call - she is in our roll call class yeah! - we walked around to find all the headteacher to sign her in. It is the same process that happened when I came here and I could os much understand her situation! She is is my business, English and SLR class, in Ebs bio and maybe maths class and she also has society and culture. We had a little bit of time left of the first period and we didn’t have to go back to class so we just sat down and had a nice chat. :) It is really really funny we are all left handed – creepy haha :)
Next period was business – I had to write my exam it was allright – and Eb and Robin went to class but they didn’t do much, they started playing the stock market exchange game.
At recess we were all siting up at the top of the hill at our table and introducing Robin to the others. I feel so much like an old student now, who has always been here and not the new one any more hahah (Alter hase in german). Really cool!
Next was English and then maths ( I have to do much catch up because I missed two periods yesterday...). We continued watching Dead poet society and answered more questions in English.
I quickly went to see my chemistry teacher at lunch time and then back to the top where Eb did a very nice fish … plot with my hair (I forgot the name )..:P

Thanks Eb :*

After lunch was food tec – cooking time! :) Yeah, best period of the day!
We cooked or baked orange passion fruit cupcakes, really good! And Makayla and I we are soo god partners! It is always so much fun! :)
She took a photo of me with our cupcakes haha. :)

We also got our assignment back I got 21.5 out of 25, thats all right :) 


After school, Eb dogs, Makayla, Robyn and I went down to Maccas for bout 30 min or so, while Makayla's mum cut the hair of Ebony's brother :) the sky was turning really dark and so we decided to start walking because it takes me about 35 min or so and about 20 min for Makayla and Robyn who lives close to Makayla. :) WE took some photos of course at maccas :)

Robin and me :)
As you can see it is going really well and I hope Robin had a great first day at Lisarow high.

I made it home just in time, it started raining when I just had reached the door, haha :) Lucky girl! It was pretty hot around 30 degrees and then we have storms and stuff in the afternoon.

So, yeah the day started not so good, but it was an amazing day in the end – love these days! I have such amazing wonderful friends and I really really thankful for this! This week has been amazing, one of the best week I have ever had!

In the afternoon I baked some M&M cookies with Em for the country fair tomorrow and we had our typical salmon and chips for dinner. :)

Yum! :)
Robyn and me watched a really good movie called “Sleeping with the enemy”, but I was so scared hahah :)

SA, March 21st

Happy Happy Birthday Hede! 

Today was the day – The country fair is on! This is an event or market that is on only ever second year at the primary school and it is the biggest fundraiser for the school!

There are heaps of stalls selling stuff that was done by mums and dad or the kids, heaps of cakes and sweets (we did the m&m cookies), rides like slides and jumping castles and later at around midday an auction where you can get heaps of vouchers for restaurants and stuff – a big event as you can see!
Em and Robyn went down at around 9.30 because they had to work at on of the stalls from 10-11am. Greg and I went down a bit later at around 10.30. I walked down and met Eb, Makayla and Robyn at around 11.15 or so. :) I was hanging around with Ashleigh a bit and when the other three girls came we walked around together – bought some brownies and looked around.

All the cakes :)

After a while Ashleigh and Robin had to leave and Makayla, Eb and I went to the book store and then to the back of the school where we took some photos, haah :)
hahah, Eb and me :)
We also got a photo at the photo booth which we'll get next week :)
IT was a great time and we had heaps of fun! They had to leave at around12.45 so EB could catch the bus home. 
I stayed down there until around 1.45 pm or so and then came back with Greg, while Em and Robyn stayed there for the auction.

Tonight was Megans Birthday dinner at GPK (this is a pizza place) and Makayla took me down there and Greg picked us up. We went a bit earlier because she had to buy her a present and I had to get some out and yeah, so we spent some time at erina fair before we met at the restaurant at 7pm. We had to pay for our own meals, usually it was so that the persons whose birthday it was paid, but okay, Bec and I shared a pizza haha :)

Me, Makayla and Megan :)

the cake :)

All the polaroids :)

Megan coloured her hair today because of the greatest shave and she has purple hair now Oo IT was a group of 6 girls who did it and the raised 2100$- that is so brave and good – well done girls!

SU, March 22nd
After the country fair yesterday Robyn was really tired and so she had a long sleep in and then a nice breakfast :)
We left at around 2pm to go for a little drive, First to a place where the dogs are going to stay when we go to QLD and then we went along the coast, which was really nice!

I also talked (because there were some problems with our phone an internet connection and we couldn't Skype) to my mum and dad again after a while, haha, which was so nice to see and talk to them – I know, it has been about 4 week or so since we skyped last, but the time goes so fast!

So, this was my post about Week 36 – this week was an awesome/amazing/fantastic and probs best week I have had here so far! And every day is getting even better!

Love you all, 

Sophi xx

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