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#70 Last days of Term 1, Easter and heaps of Chocolate :)

Happy Easter to Everyone!

Hey guys,

here is the next post :) Time goes so fast I know! I cant believe it is Easter now, it feels like it was Christmas yesterday! So, as you read in the title, we have holidays now, since Friday (friday was the first day – good friday) and this also means that I finished term 1 and my third therm here in Australia .. I CANT BELIVE IT!! It makes me really sad, but I am enjoying every single second – thats for sure!

I also wanted to say (again) how amazing and great my friends are – you are the best!!!! Yes, I mean you Makayla and Ebbey! <3

On monday we are going away for 12 days to the Gold Coast – unbelievable, this is going to amazing! So I am not exactly sure when the next post is going to come, but i'll to to stay in the rhythm, hahah :)

But I stop now, so you can read what happened last week – I tell you one thing - some great stuff!

Tu, March 31st
Three period tuesday today of course again :) First period we had english and we had our english which was the essay about the novel “The day fo the triffids” and the movie “Dead poet Society”. It was alright, achually better that I thought it would be and I wrote 4 pages in 40 min, so all in all pretty happy – lets see what comes out in the end.
Next was business where we just copied some stuff from the board, nothing special.. We had year assembly today, so only year 11 and we got an easter eg, because of easter and stuff, really cool! Ebony, Jade and me are also the only ones who got more than 5 ccs and are on level 6 and we got an invitation for the rewards day on thursday which is watching a movie and some food, yeah! :) And I also got a bigger easter egg, because I have been here every day so far, yeah! :)
My first easter egg :)

It rained pretty heavy in the morning so we had to have recess inside, which means hall for year 11 and 12.
Last period was SLR and we are going to do all the tests again we did at the beginning of the term and see if our fitness has become better or worse or stayed the same. Today we did the sit-up test and I did 60 situps out of 60 – yeah! :)

Having fun in the gym :) 
Makayla, Ebby, ben and me went to Maccas after school and at around 1pm Ebony and me went back to makaylas house :) We had a great time and heaps of fun doing some dancing and stuff, haha :)

At maccas...
Selfie - Ben and me :)
Mikki had driving lessons at 3.30 and they dropped me home, so nice! I had to wait a bit until greg came home because I didn’t have the key and yeah,b ut no probs!

In the arvo I did some maths and then cooked dinner – veal schnitzel, which my hostfamily loves!

We, April 1st - April Fouls Day!
In Business our teacher told us that he had been moved up to a headteacher position but at a differet high school and so he was going to leave the end of this term – tomorrow. We all believed him so much, and in the end he said “April fouls”! Haahha, pretty funny!
Next period was maths and we had our exam – the advanced maths one. IT was so easy, really easy and we all finished after like 30 min and did the whole twice or more, haha :) Hope I didn’t make any silly mistakes..

After recess makayla and I only went to SLR for about 15 min because we then had our Food tec excursion to Teppanyiaki (I don know if I spelled it right). This is a japanese restaurant where they cook infron of you and the throw the food at you and you have to catch it in bowls in stuff – so cool!
They threw f.i. and raw and we had to catch it in our bowls and some people dropped it over the floor or like our teacher over her dress :DD

I tokk some photos of course, haha :)

On the way - Abbey, me, mikki and tara :)
Our table
our food :)
After school I did some Maths study for the extension test tomorrow which is really hard apparently and I haven’t done that much and had some trouble with some question, but we'll see!

I also had band again and like always before the holidays we played a little bit for like 30 min and then had our little part with Chips and lollies and played singstar and different games, always funny!

Thu, April 2nd

So nice in the morning :)
Doing some photography on the way to school :P

Last day of this term today! Whuhuuu HOLIDAYS! But this also means in exactly 4 weeks we'll be at the airport probabl at this time.. But stop, I am NOT thinking about this yet!

I had my Extension maths test in the morning, and it was true, it was a lot harder that th one yesterday, but still alright.
Then we had roll call and then Chemistry first. Sophie wasn’t here today so bec sat next to me :) I think today we were only about 80 or 100 year 11 students, hahah . Anyway, back to chemistry. We got our test back and I am came 1st!!!!! This is sooo cool! I never expected this! :)) Bec came second – well done ! We all got a easter egg and contined our work haha :)
Next was SLR where we did the beep test again and because my legs are still hurting I didn’t do as good as I wanted.. I got 6.9.. :/ But still alright. I took my polaroid camera to school today to get a phot of our SLR crew, hahah :)
Love this class <3

At recess we sat at our table as usual and it was so nice :)
Eb is doing Starstuck this year again - this is the poster :)
Next was business and we did this project thig today – tower building.
WE had to get together in groups of 5 (Jade, Ebony, taylah, Robin and me) and we got 8 boxes, some tape, scissors, green and red paper and 30 min and had to build a tower, which looked good, is high, is stabile and some other things. It was so much fun and a pretty good business lesson. An the best thing was that we even won – by one point haha :)
Eb and me :P

The winning team :) And sir in the background :D
Next eperiod would have been food tech but ebony and me got to go the reward thing. We got an icy pol and some popcorn and watched “Big Hero6” in the hall. We left at the start of lunch though to say bye and have god holidays to everybody :)

Sitting in the hall 
our food
Last period was maths and I was so surprised we got our results form the test from yesterday and even today back – wow! Bu yeah, he only had to mark 6 test each haha :)
I got 96% in the Advanced one, only felictiy beat me – she got 98%, so pretty good and I came first in our extesnion one with 84%. I was pretty proud, because I did not expect these good resutls at all!!
So a pretty successful and great day I think chemistry and then the two maths tests, rewards movie , business tower and awesome best friends – I am loving life so much!!!

I just have the best friends of the whole world! I love you all so much, especially you two, Makayla and Ebony <3 Your are soo great! I never thought I would find such amazing and fantastic friends, but I did – and I know it is a friendship for our lifetime!

After school I had my last swimming lesson here, which made me a bit sad, because I really enjoyed swimming! But everything comes to an end unfortunately.. But yeah, I had a great time at Wyoming Swimcentre!
Back at home I had a shower and packed my bag to go to a sleep over to Makaylas! Yeah!
We had the best Time ever with Ebony and Makayla!!! The “deal” was that I have to vacuum the house tomorrow haaha, but i'll do it for sure!

We watched some victoria secret shows at first and talked, talked, talked of course! Around 8 pm or som Makayla and her whole family left to go and see some cousins for an hour or so and left me and Eb alone at their house, haha :) We had a great time watching pitch perfect (cant wait for the second one) and talking :)
and of course some selfies !

When tey came home they brough dinner with then – Pizza! Yum! We finished watching pitch perfect and also watched Mamma Mia then, which was the first time for me. While watching the movie Hannah told me some more braiding tricks and this is soooo cool!

Ebbys Hair - i did it . proud! :P

We took heaps of selfies of course as well – three best friends, it had to be three, always !!!

And we also found this really beautiful photo of us three :)
We went to bed at around midnight, all three in Makaylas double bed, but we kept talking until 2.30am or so, hahaha :)

It was an amazing day, and he haven’t done much us three together so it was really perfect! I always feel so welcomed at Mikkis house :)

We got up at around 9 am or so but stayed in bed until 10.30 haha :) And talked and yeah :) When I looked at my phone it was around 10.30 and I just got a message from greg about üicking me up.
We had to take a polaroid photo of us three before I left as well of course :)
Mikki, Ebbey and me :) <3

Fr, April 3rd
Greg picked me up at around 11am from Makaylas house – it was sooo great!!! - and back at home it my job to do al the folding up! OMG, I have never done som much folding up – It took me like 1 or 2 hours! But thats alright I am happy to help! First it was going to be vacuuming but then greg said he'll do the vacuuming and I can do the folgin up ;) Sneaky greg, hahah :)

SOME folding up..

Robyn and ME left a but after 12pm to pick Nan up and came back around 2pm. We then soon left to go to tracys house where we had our Easter Family late lunch/dinner, which was really good! We had some pizza and vegetables (no meat), breadcases with tuna mixure and sweet corn, so yumy and some really good seafood – prawns and stuff and it was so nice! We arrived there at around 3pm and stayed until 9.30pm or so – really long but it was one of the best family days I reckon!
Em and I got heaps, and I mean rally much – chocolate from the family, so nice!!!

Some Food :)

Heaps of chocolate!

Em and Baby Liam <3

Stacy, me and em :)

Me, Nan and Em 

Twinnies :) Sami and Nikki

Probably the last time i'll see the whole family together before I leave :`( Thats so sad.. But I got them all to sign my Aussie flag yeah!

Nan stayed overnight here and so em and I slept together in my big bed – which was really nice, because we haven’t done it for a while:)

Sa, April 4th
Em and I slept in a bit until 8.30 or 9 and Em got up to watch saturday disney while I stayed in bed, haha :)
We had breakfast around 11am or so and Greg went to Bakers Delight in the morning to get Hot Cross Buns, which are really yummy rolls which you can only get on Easter!

We even pu the fire on - so cold!
Durign brekkie Stacy rang and we made some plans yesterday to go to the movies or so and yeah.. :) Unfortunately it was raining really heavy the whole day (We got more than 100ml over the day and some streets flooded) so we couldn’t go to the beach or to Maquarie Centre in Sydney but we went to Erina fair and did some shopping. I got tow really ncie tops for 10$ together and some shoes for 4$ because I broke my others and I didn’t want to buy any more, but I kept borrowing Ems and yeah .. Em bought two pair fo shoes :)
We went to Stacys to watch some movies, because Cinderalla which we wanted to watch was booked out.. So we watched Blended and Bride wars, two really good movies.
At around 5pm we went to Nans to Unit at the retirement village and helped Robyn and Debbie to unpack until 7.30.
We had our Cheese and bikkies for dinner and watched Alvin and Chipmunks.

Su, April 5th

Happy Easter everyone!

Em slept in my bed again, and because we put the clocks one hour back tonight, we “had” to sleep one hour longer before getting up to look at our presents from the easter bunny. We couldn’t sleep since like 6.20 or so and so we decided to have look at some photos and yeah, really nice!
At 7am we ran into mum and dads bedroom and “Happy Easter!”

We all jumped into their bed and gave each other our cards and presents. Em and I got some chocolate for Greg and a nice necklace for Robyn. We both got some chocolate – an easter bunny :) I got Em some socks with bunnys on them haha :)

Bed Selfie!
And another one :)

Greg and Robyn went back to bed and Em watched more of her saturday disney and I sat down on the launch with her.
For breakfast we had Hot cross buns again, really yummy!

Some of our chocolate ;)
Em then decided to watch some more TV and after a little we both started packing for tomorrow – Queensland we are so ready to com!
Around 4.40pm Katrina and the girls came to pick me up to go to Church which was really nice.

So, this was the post about week 38. I hope you enjoyed it and all had a nice easter and are still enjoying your Holidays. I am off to the Gold Coast now :)

 Love, Sophi

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