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#72 No school Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, cyclone Category 2 and second last week :'(

Hey guys,

 this is is a shorter post, but I am not sure if I will have time to post the other one, the last one before I go, so this one might be my last one in Australia … :'(
I am going to fly home on Thursday the 30th of april at 9pm..

Sa, April 18th
In the morning we first went to pick up the two doggies from the place they stayed while we were away and it was so nice to se them again! Missed you doggies!
We than went to Gosford to the Soccer stadium, because there was a presentation or ceremony because of ANZAC Day next week and Em was signing in the choir. We came there at around 10.30 and it went till 1pm or so, really long!

The ceremony - really good!

The choir where Em is part of :)

I got my aussie flag :)

After this we dropped in to say hey to Nan and stayed for half an hour and then went back home, because I had to be at Erina at around 3pm for my Band farewell party. Noo, my first Farewell party, I DONT WANT TO GO!
We went ice scating from 3.30 – 5.30 which was really cool and then to the Austria's Schnitzelhouse for dinner :) Yum! I had Beef Gulasch with Dumplings (Semmelknödel).
Selife time, hahaha :)

The crew :)

Dinner Time
Everybody smile!
We then went back to Daves (teacher) house and played Cards against Humanity till 10pm when he dropped me home. It was sooooo much fun, a agreat day!
Best game ever!!
Su, April 19th
After a long, long sleep in today, which was great, we all relaxed at home, watched TV or movies (Em and Robyn) and had a nice time!
At around 3pm I went out for a walk because the weather was really nice and it is supposed to rain for the next whole week. I went for a 20 min walk or so, really nice!
I talked to Ebony and Sarah on the phone because we were going to go to Bondi Beach tomorrow but the weather is going to be so rainy so we decided to go to Tuggerah instead. :)

At round 4pm Robyn and I went shopping to Aldi and Bilo for like 1.5 hours or so, haha, pretty good though! After two weeks on holiday we didn’t have many vegetables and fruits, haha :)

For dinner we had our traditional Cheese and Bikkies, so yummy!

We watched a great movie, called “Chasing Liberty” and ate heaps of chocolate! Very good girls night!

Mo April 20th

I went to Tuggerah with my friends today and it was a great awesome day! Greg drove me Makayla and Ebony to Tuggerah at around 11am and we did some” Window Shopping” until we met the others (Sarah, Ben and Eric) at 11.30, haha :) So cool!
After some more Window shopping we went to Amx Brenner for lunch, haha, and had some chocolate and talked, talked and talked. :)

sarah I shared a belgian wafer with some vanilla ice cream, chocolate lick and banana and strawberries, which was delicious!

Ebby and me trying beanies :P

The crew :) <3
We stayed in Tuggerah until 2pm, when Ebony mum picked us up and dropped us home, it was a great afternoon with my friends! Soo nice!

The weather is really bad today, heavy rain and not very nice.. I hope it gets better in the next couple of days!

For dinner we had Butter chicken, really good!

Robyn asked Em and I to sleep on a blow matress in the launch room, because she was scared a tree might come down and our rooms are in the back part of the house and the tree might hit us !:O The wind and rain are gettign heavier and heavier!

Tue, April 21st
Em and I slept on the mattress in the launch room, but we woke up a lot of times during the night, about 10 times or so because of the heavy rain and wind!
In the morning when we got up we soon found out that school was not on today! IT was open but no electricity and both principals asked the parents to keep the children at home!
The wind speed is very fast it reached a top of 100km/h and at some places even 135km/h! Which is equivalent to the speed of a tropical cyclone category 2! Pretty scary!
So Em and I stayed at home and Robyn didn’t have to work either. Many roads are closed, heaps of trees came down, the train is not working and some creeks and river are overflown!
We are pretty lucky that we have electricity, because ours is underground :) Makayla doesn’t have any electricity for example!

We watched the wedding planner, the life of pi, and a bit of Mathilda, played some games and had pretty much a pyjama day.
The winds were getting stronger and stronger, pretty bad! At around 12pm Greg said we already had 1000ml of rain.

My fave place was the fire hahaha :)

The pool is gettingg fuller...

We have now 300ml of rain in about 24 hours..

We, April 22nd

No school today again!
We slept in the launch room again and there were some pretty bad thunder and lightening during the night, but the worst is over now and the sun is even coming out a bit – crazy weather!
There were really big waves at bondi beach – 11m high and so much sand was on the road, so bad! Many houses were flooded, ours a little bit as well and trees came down, so bad!

We had another day at home, it is getting boring I want to go to school!!!!!
Two Rainbow Lorikeets sitting on our railing - so cute!
Robyn and EM went do see nan in the afternoon and broght her home, because she had been without power for the last day and was really not well! She'll stay for a couple of days here now!
I had my last badn session today, which was quite sad! I was so glad tough that I could go because the wather was still not too good, but greg drove me which was very nice! Driving is pretty dangerous with the rains, it is dark an dno traffi clights Oo
I made some cookies before with Em to take to band :)

Thur, April 23rd

EM and I slept in my bed tonight, because Nan is here and when we got up we first did some reading :)
Greg and I went out for a little drive to see the damage, it is really bad! Tree are down, power lines are down and still no traffic lights! We drove past and trough the school, here some photos.

Tree no1 , we had 4 trees that came down.. Oo
This classroom is gone...
Yep, it is gone...

We went to the retirement village as well and they don’t expect the power back till saturday a least so nan will stay with us!
Nan was very very shaky the whole day so Robyn decided to take her to the hospital at around lunchtime and are still not back by now (6pm). She came back at 9pm, and they were both really tied of course!
Em had Emily and Zoe coming here for the arvo and I got picked up by Makayla at around 3pm or so and went to her house till 5.30 when they dropped me home again -thanks!!
I was so happy to see her and to see she and her family is fine! We had a great afternoon talking and yeah :) Mikki also had something very very cute on her window!!

I Love you two!

<3 <3
Thanks Mikki and Hannah!

I cooked some lasagna for dinner, well put it in the oven and did the chips and salad (for me), haha :) Just when I was getting it out, everything turned black we didn’t have any power for about 5 min. Pretty scary! Thats how many people in Lisarow are for about 4 day now, scary!

Lots of love, Sophi xxx

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